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What to Know About Soliciting Prostitution Charges

2 Dec 2019

While there is some debate over the morality of sex work, it is typically illegal to solicit a prostitute. If charged with soliciting a prostitute, you could face jail time, a fine or probation. In addition to potential legal penalties, you could also face strained relationships with your spouse, friends and colleagues. Let’s take a […]

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Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer after an injury

3 Nov 2019

Were you recently injured at your place of work? Were you injured as the result of a car accident? Perhaps you suffered a slip and fall accident at a neighbor’s home or a public place. If you were forced to pay big bucks for medical costs and then incur the sting of lost wages, you […]

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What’s an ESOP

11 Aug 2019

ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan. These ESOPs have rules for their plans that are made ensure that the employees will benefit broadly and fairly. They can offer a diverse selection of tax benefits for companies and the company’s owners. When an employee is able to buy stock directly from his company, this makes […]

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