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At the law offices of Amato T Sanita, Esq, this is more than just a slogan – it’s our philosophy, and belief. Our goal is to protect your freedom, and to ensure your future is protected. By working with our firm, you get legal representation when you need it the most for your criminal case in Philadelphia. We understand that dealing with the criminal system is overwhelming – the consequences cannot be underestimated. Regardless of whether it’s a small misdemeanor, or a severe federal crime, you need to understand the legal process – how it impacts you – and a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, who will work for you. Our Philadelphia criminal lawyers treat each case as it’s own unique situation, and work hard to uncover evidence that will get you the best possible outcome. Founding partner Amato Sanita, understands that you’re very concerned about possible sentences, and issues in the future you might face. There are many aspects to a criminal defense case. Our goal is to show the court you didn’t commit the crime and/or don’t deserve the maximum sentence for the crime you’re accused of committing. Regardless of whether it’s a drug offense, assault charge, or bank fraud, we’ll work tirelessly to represent your interests in court.

“They treated me like family. If I could I would give them 100 Stars!”

John Smith
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Endangering Welfare of a Child

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Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyers We Care

Amato Sanita, is one of Philadelphia’s most aggressive criminal defense lawyers. We believe that every single client deserves the highest quality of customer service and legal representation. We believe that when you’re a client – you’re a member of our family. Our goal is to provide every single client the legal help they deserve and need. We listen to our clients, and their family members, in order to help them understand the effect the of their legal situation. With over 25 years of combined practice, we realize that the District Attorney will do his/her best to build a case against you. It means when you’re accused of a crime, you need a Philadelphia criminal attorney who understands how to build a defense. By working with the law offices of Amato Sanita, you have Philadelphia criminal attorneys on your team, who are dedicated to fighting charges, and helping you take control of your immediate future. More importantly, you have Philadelphia criminal attorneys on your side who care only about your future. We are available 24/7 and can come to the jailhouse, or police station, to help you and your family members.

We have a reputation for being one of the strongest law firms in Philadelphia, and are focused on providing the best possible outcome for our clients. We are constantly attending seminars, and finding new ways to deliver amazing case results on behalf of our clients. Every single client speaks to one of our founding partners, and we offer a risk free consultation so you know exactly what to expect. In addition, we offer a flexible payment program so you can get the legal help you need – without having to worry about finances. We can help with virtually any type of crime, such as stealing goods, bank fraud, murder, and virtually any type of felony or misdemeanor.

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We take on fewer clients than other firms. Each client works 1:1 on with one of our senior attorneys

Legal Practice

Our firm has over 25 years of combined legal practice. Our attorneys have been recognized by the top lawyer ranking services.

Award Winning

Our attorneys have been recognized for their excellence by numerous lawyer ranking services and awards, like SUPER LAWYERS, and Avvo.

We Protect Your Future

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Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyers

We handle all misdemeanors and felonies

Regardless of whether it’s a simple misdemeanor, or a complex federal case, we can help. We understand that irrespective of the severity of the crime you’re accused of committing – a conviction can permanently harm your future. Our Philadelphia criminal lawyers can help protect your rights, and ensure you are never going to be unfairly prosecuted, or over-penalized for something you didn’t actually do. For example, if you’re accused of a DUI – then we can help investigate whether the field sobriety test was correctly done, or whether a blood/breath test was done properly.

Criminal defense cases can have immense consequences if you’re convicted. The conviction goes on your permanent record, and depending on the circumstances – you can face fines, jail time, and face issues getting employment in the future. Hiring our law firm can help mitigate the penalties, and if possible, get the case dismissed.

If you have been charged with a crime, then your future is hanging in the balance. You may be scared, confused and traumatized. You may also be thinking about how you can potentially lose your job and your family. Fortunately, you can call our law offices if you need legal representation.

Our firm is solely focused on defending people against criminal charges. We have the experience and skills necessary to represent you. Our goal is to make sure that the negative effects of a criminal charge are lessened.

You may be feeling a variety of emotions right now. You may be frustrated. You may also be angry. Fear is another emotion that you may feel. Additionally, you may be thinking about you will need to do next. We will give you guidance and tell you what you will need to do next.

Avoid Harsh Penalties
Our firm has had experience in dealing with several types of criminal cases. One of the best things that you can do if you have been charged with any crime is to hire the right Philadelphia criminal attorney for your case. Drug possession or a DUI charge does not have to ruin your future.

Our firm knows that being arrested can be a scary thing. That is why you will need to contact a Philadelphia criminal attorney after you have been arrested. You will be able to get a free case consultation. We will be able to help you with the following crimes.

  • Property Crimes and Arson
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Federal Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Marijuana Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Conspiracy to Commit Murder
  • Professional License Defense

Our goal is simple: case dismissed

Our main and only goal is to help the charges get dismissed. It’s that simple. We look at the strength of the case against you, and will do everything possible to weaken it. We’ll move to suppress evidence, and use court procedures to hinder the prosecutors case – and improve our chances of winning the case. In the event we don’t think winning the case is possible, we’ll look into plea bargains that are beneficial to you. If there are weaknesses in the prosecutors case, we’ll use that as leverage to get what we want on behalf of our clients. The first step in winning your case is hiring a respectable Philadelphia criminal defense law firm who cares about you, and is looking to help you win your case. Our Philadelphia criminal attorneys understand how prosecutors and judges will act. When you hire a private criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia like ourselves, it’s harder for a prosecutor to go to trial. Often, public defenders have a lot of cases – and can’t dedicate enough time to yours. But, by working with us, you’ll have an attorney whose focused on your case.

Our firm has represented several clients who could have had their lives ruined. Our firm has helped people avoid jail time, fines and other life-changing consequences. If you have already been questioned by the police officers, then it is important for you to act quickly.

You will need to contact our firm today.

We Are Here for You

We know that it is important for you to have an attorney that you can trust. We will keep the lines of communication open. We will provide you with the information that you need to know throughout the entire case. We know that you are going through an incredibly stressful time. We strive to help ease the stress of this case.

We not only want to make life less stressful for you, but we also want to take the stress off of your loved ones. They are probably just as worried about your case as you are.

We Believe in Second Chances

Our firm believes that everyone makes mistakes. One mistake that you make does not have to ruin the rest of your life. We want to help people resolve their case as quickly as possible so that they will be able to return to their normal lives. You should not have to pay for one mistake for the rest of your life.

However, it is important to remember that time is of the essence. You will need to act quickly if you want your case to have the best outcome. You will need to get in touch with us today so that we can discuss your case. After we know all of the important details of your case, we will prepare your defense.

There are several criminal defenses that can be used. The best defense will depend on your case.

Long story short after being mislead by the prior firm and received no results and my son sat for 18 months in prison because “no one knew what was going on” He is always there always answers your calls/texts even late on Sunday evenings.

Michelle Doria

Frequently Asked Questions


Virtually every single criminal case has its own unique challenges. Some criminal charges are harder to defend than others. It’s in your best interest to speak to a Philadelphia criminal attorney as soon as possible so you can understand your circumstances. Some are more difficult than others. Some of the simplest cases don’t really require an attorney. If you face them – it’s possible to handle them on your own.

Murder Charges: These are some of the most serious charges anyone can face. Although every murder charge is serious, first degree carries the most severe penalties. This is because it involves premeditation, which means the defendant is being accused of planning the murder of his victim. First degree murder charges can be challenging due to the amount of evidence submitted. Attorneys will need to hire experts who can help poke holes in the opposing prosecutor’s case. Finding an attorney to defend you can be difficult because most have little to no experience with such cases.

Crimes Against Children: These are difficult to defend. These are very emotional cases, since they involve young victims and the prosecutor will use the emotional component of the case to win. The jury will find it hard to put aside their feelings.

White Collar Crimes: White collar crimes – such as fraud, and embezzlement, can be more challenging to defend than others. The investigation of these crimes is very difficult, and there’s a lot of evidence to analyze. The evidence is very difficult for jurors to understand. It means your attorney must find a way to simplify the evidence in order to win.

When you speak to one of our Pennsylvania criminal lawyers, our goal is to help your case get dismissed. Not every defendant who faces criminal charges will end up going to trial, or take a plea. Many cases get dismissed by the prosecutor or by the court. The first thing our Philadelphia criminal attorney will do is determine whether there are any grounds on which the case can be dismissed before taking a plea deal, or going to trial. Some grounds include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of probable cause
  • Improper criminal complaint
  • Illegal stop / search
  • Lack of evidence
  • Unavailable witness
  • Loss of evidence

No probably cause to arrest

In order to arrest you, the police must have probable cause to believe you actually committed a crime. Police officers cannot arrest a person just because they have a feeling. The officer must have reasonable cause you did the crime. If the police officer arrests you without probable case, then the evidence they gathered + your arrest can be thrown out.

Mistakes in criminal complaints

When police officers write a criminal complaint/charging document, they have to sign under oath the truthfulness of the contents. If a complaint does not comport with state/local law due to a significant error, or omission. If the officer who was involved in the case is not available to correct the error, then the prosecutor may have to dismiss the complaint.

Illegal stop or search

Police officers can stop a vehicle or a person under very specific circumstances. For example, if a driver is speeding, or violating traffic laws, the police can reasonable suspect a crime is being committed. If a police officer randomly searches a car, or a person, without cause, then this is a violation of the persons rights. Police can only search a car/house if they have a search warrant. Police can search for a person, if there is reasonable belief the person is carrying a deadly weapon – for example. If police conduct a search without a warrant, and no special circumstances permitted the search, then any evidence gathered in the search cannot be used to convict the defendant.

Insufficient evidence

If a defendant is arrested and there are charges pending against him, then the prosecutor has to present the case and show they have enough evidence to establish probable cause. The evidence must show a factual basis for believing the defendant committed the crime.

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