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Reckless Driving Lawyers

There are a million and one reasons someone might drive fast on a highway. Sometimes, it is simply because you may be running late to your job or some other important date.

It is only human to want to make it on time, and that can make a person drive 80 miles per hour on the highway.

Another reason people drive too fast is because they are alone on the highway and don’t notice when they pass the limit. Of course, emergencies also force some people to drive too fast. All of these reasons could affect anyone, including you.

Most people understand that driving pass the speed limit is wrong, yet getting caught down the Delaware Expressway, or wherever you are caught speeding, can still feel pretty jolting.

As a law-abiding citizen, you probably haven’t been in trouble with the law, so getting caught for this kind of mistake must feel sickening; not only are you scared, but you are also ashamed.

It is okay to be scared, and it is okay to feel anxious. This situation is a tricky one because you were speeding, but you might also be a good person who doesn’t normally make these kinds of mistakes. Besides, the whole experience of being stopped by a cop is already nerve-wrecking.

Your head space may only continue to feel more overwhelmed after you get the ticket and learn about the penalties linked to reckless driving in Pennsylvania.

There is a lot that could happen to a person with this kind of ticket, from dealing with costly fines to even getting your licensed suspended if enough negative points are added to your driver’s license.

All of this makes this situation feel overwhelming, and this is the reason it is a good idea to talk to an attorney who has experience dealing with reckless driving cases. This person understands your personal circumstances and knows how to navigate the law in your favor, which is something you need right now.

What You Need to Understand About Reckless Driving

Okay, so the first thing that should be highlighted is what reckless driving means in Pennsylvania. In this state, reckless driving describes any driving that occurs where the driver willfully puts other’s safety in danger with his or her driving or puts others in danger through sheer carelessness.

There are a number of reasons a police officer can write up a reckless driving ticket. The following are some of the examples that guide each citation a highway patrol person might give out:

Endangering Motorist or Pedestrians

The police officer reserves the right to decide whether or not your speed was putting other drivers or even pedestrians in danger. As you know, speed reduces your ability to stop quickly, react to a dangerous situation with precision, and even makes it hard for you to maneuver. If the cop believes you were putting others in danger, then you will get cited.


There is no doubt that tailgating is frowned upon. Most cops and traffic control specialist will say that drivers should do their best to keep at least one car distance from the car in front of them. This gives you room to swerve if needed, and it is also the reason why excessive tailgating could also get you cited.

These are just some reasons why a cop might stop someone, but there are other reasons, like driving the wrong way on the highway or driving off-ramp. You could also get in trouble for swerving too quickly and without care. Keep in mind that a ticket for reckless driving is usually more than $200 and could result in about three months of jail time.

What to Do if Pulled Over?

The following are a few steps to take if you are stopped for reckless driving:

  • Don’t talk your way out of it.
  • You can refuse to answer questions if you want and request a lawyer.
  • You can ask for the police report, but your lawyer can also obtain it.

The right, experienced lawyer in Pennsylvania knows the law and can make a difference in your case. Give the right one a chance to help clear your name by working the system properly.

Improper Backing Up

There are a lot of rules that you are expected to follow if you drive on Pennsylvania roads. Each of these rules and regulations is designed to keep everyone on the road safe. For the most part, you follow these diligently. After all, you want to stay safe yourself. However, there are times when you may become distracted and fail to back up properly. Yes, there are laws associated with this practice. You could be backing up and hit another vehicle in the process. In such a case, you will almost certainly be issued a moving traffic violation that results in a fine and points being added to your record if being found guilty.

If you are issued a ticket for improperly backing up, you will want to take it seriously. If you just pay the fine and go on with your life, you need to be aware of the consequences. Points will be added to your record. In the state of Pennsylvania, you are only permitted so many points before your insurance company will be automatically notified. When that happens, you can almost go to the bank on the fact that your insurance premiums will increase. You want to keep this from happening. That is why you want to have a lawyer fighting this citation on your behalf. It is also important to remember that too many points on your record can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license.

The Rules About Backing Up

If you want to keep from being issued a citation for improperly backing up, then it is first important to understand what the law in Pennsylvania says about the issue. To begin, you may only back up when it is safe to do so. You are also not permitted to back up if it will interfere or otherwise impede the flow of traffic.

When you do start to back up, it is always important to yield to any oncoming traffic. It is especially important to refrain from backing up if there are pedestrians anywhere in the area. Another important thing to remember is that you are not permitted to back up your car on the shoulder of a highway. If you are found to be doing any of these things in the presence of a police officer, you can be issued a citation.

The Reason This Is So Important

It is important to remember that any moving traffic violation is serious. You can end up with a severe fine that will certainly take an unexpected bite out of your savings account. In addition, you will want to keep in mind that the state of Pennsylvania operates on a point-based system. When you first get your license, you have zero points. This is good. That is where you want to stay if at all possible. When you are issued a citation for improperly backing up, you will have three points added to your record if you are found guilty.

We want to remind you that accumulating six or more points in Pennsylvania means that the state Department of Transportation will automatically let your insurance company know that your driving record is now less than stellar. As a result, you will find out that your insurance premiums go up. This is a hefty price to pay because you did not follow the law when it comes to backing up.

Contact Our Office

You will want to contact our office as soon after receiving a citation for improperly backing up as possible. We will begin by examining the evidence and determine if the charge is even warranted. It is at that point that we will recommend a defense strategy moving forward. You will want us to fight this charge for you. You do not want the points added to your record if that can at all be avoided. We will do everything that we can on your behalf.

Improper Intersection Approach

There are many rules and regulations to keep in mind when you are driving. They are designed to keep the roadways organized and safe for everyone. You certainly work hard to do your part, but there are times when you may become distracted. One of those times may occur when you approach an intersection. It is often tempting to just keep going with the flow of traffic, but that is not always legal. You are required to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. If you happen to go through an intersection when a car on the right is already moving, an accident may occur. It is at that point that you may receive a traffic citation.

Getting a traffic ticket in the state of Pennsylvania should be viewed with the seriousness that it deserves. You depend on your ability to drive. If you receive too many traffic citations within a certain period of time, you will find that your license may be suspended. You can also discover that your insurance premiums increase so much that the cost associated with driving becomes too much to handle. This is why you will want to fight any traffic ticket that you do get. There are possible defenses that can be mounted. A lawyer may be able to get the charge dismissed, or at least help you receive a lesser penalty.

Improper Intersection Approach Explained

Intersections can be tricky to navigate. In many cases, you are the only one there at any given time. When that happens, you know that it is safe to proceed. However, you need to know what to do if two cars are approaching the intersection at the same time from two different roads. When that occurs, the law in Pennsylvania is clear. The driver who is on the left is required to yield to the driver on the right.

This means that you must wait to make that left-hand turn at an intersection if there is another car approaching from the right. Because of this law, the driver on the right will assume that you will follow the law and let them pass. If you do not, then an accident may result.

The Penalties Involved

You might be wondering what the penalty for this traffic violation is. To begin with, you will be issued a fine if you are found guilty. That will sting. Beyond that, you will also find that three points are added to your driving record. This is significant because the state Department of Transportation will let your insurance company know when you accumulate six points. That means just one more citation and you will reach the limit. This is not good news because your insurance rates will go up. You are also subject to having your license suspended if you have too many points. If you depend on your car to get to and from work, this could become a major issue.

What Should You Do?

If the police pull you over for an improper intersection approach, you need to begin by allowing them to do their job. Safely pull over to the side of the road and turn the vehicle off. You can stay inside unless you are told to exit the vehicle. Let the officer issue you the citation and do not try to sway them otherwise. That is not a good course of action to pursue. At the same time, you do not need to answer questions about the violation itself. Instead, politely let the officer know that you will have your lawyer take care of this.

After you have received a citation for improper intersection approach, consult with our team of lawyers. We will begin by examining the evidence in your case and determining how we should proceed with your legal defense. It is our duty to fight for your legal rights and we will do that to the best of our ability.

Improper Passing

Did you recently receive a traffic ticket for a moving violation? If this violation involved improper passing, we can help you. Our law firm can provide you with a traffic violation attorney who can work with you to get this ticket removed from your record.

Don’t Let an Improper Passing Ticket Get Your License Revoked

Improper passing, in and of itself, is a minor violation that usually ends up with the offender being issued a routine traffic ticket. However, as with other seemingly minor offenses of this kind, too many of them can lead you into serious financial and legal difficulties.

These can include hefty fines, a hike in your insurance premiums, and ultimately the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license due to accumulating too many points. Your best bet to avoid these problems is to hire a traffic violation lawyer from our firm.

Under What Conditions Can You Be Cited for Improper Passing?

There are a number of conditions under which you could receive a traffic ticket for improper passing. These can include the following:

  • Improperly passing to the right of another vehicle. The only exception is if right passing is expressly allowed on that particular road.
  • You can be cited if you do not stay safely to the left until you have safely overtaken the other vehicle.
  • You can be cited if you do not pass in a timely manner or pull in once a safe distance has been reached.
  • You can be cited if, while another car is passing you, you speed up or refuse to give way to the other vehicle.
  • Under no circumstances are you ever permitted to pass other vehicles while in a specified “No Passing” zone.

What Are the Possible Penalties for Improper Passing?

There are a number of penalties that you can incur if convicted of improper passing. These can include the following:

  • Being found guilty of improper passing on the left will add three points to your record.
  • Being found guilty of improper passing on the right will add three points.
  • Being found guilty of improper passing where the vehicle you overtake does not maintain its speed will add three points.
  • Being found guilty of improper passing on a hill will add four points.
  • Being found guilty of improper passing at a railroad intersection or railroad crossing will add three points.
  • Being found guilty of improper passing at a tunnel or bridge will add three points.
  • Being found guilty of improper passing at a specified “No Passing” zone will add three points.

What Should You Do When You Are Pulled Over?

When the police pull you over, be on your best behavior. Be polite, friendly, and make sure to remain calm. Do not argue, shout, point, or show irritation or impatience. Turn off your ignition but do not get out of the car.

Answer all of the questions that the police officer asks. However, you should absolutely not volunteer any kind of information that you are not specifically asked for since this could be used against you during your appearance in traffic court.

How Can a Traffic Violation Attorney Help You?

If you are summoned to traffic court to defend yourself, you need to bring a knowledgeable and experienced traffic violation attorney with you. Your attorney will work to show all of the evidence in your favor while doing their best to discredit any evidence that seems to count against you.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we will be able to go to work for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what an experienced and qualified traffic violation attorney can do to get your improper passing ticket revoked.

Improper Passing of School Bus

Most people know that you cannot pass a school bus that has its flashing red light on, but mistakes can happen. It could be that you simply did not see the bus. There are a number of reasons why you may have kept going and passed the school bus. You might think that you got away with it, as there were no police in the area. That does not stop you from feeling guilty about it and pledging to never do that again, but at least you did not get a citation. That feeling often comes to a crashing halt when you get a citation in the mail a few days after the event. School bus drivers are able to send your license plate number into the police, or there may have been a camera. Whatever the case might be, you now have a traffic citation that you need to deal with.

What is the Big Deal?

Besides the fact that passing a school bus that has its lights on can be extremely dangerous, the big deal is that points will be added to your driving record. Passing a school bus improperly can result in points being added to your record, in addition to a monetary fine being imposed. It does not stop there. Because you are only permitted to many points on your driving record before your insurance company is notified, you may find that your annual premiums will go up as a result. In other words, what started out as a mistake can end up costing you quite a bit of money in the end. This is why you will want an experienced attorney working on your case from the beginning in order to fight the traffic violation.

What You Need To Know?

Pennsylvania has pretty strict requirements that drivers must follow when they approach a school bus. If you see a bus that has stopped and has its flashing red lights on, then you are required to stop within 10 feet of the vehicle. This includes if you are both driving on the exact same road or if you come across the bus at one of the intersections in the road. The flashing red lights are turned on to indicate that children are either entering or exiting the bus. This is why vehicles on all sides of the bus are asked to stop until the lights are turned off.

You are permitted to pass the school bus again when its red lights have stopped flashing and the stopped sign is no longer out. One important thing to keep in mind is that Pennsylvania does not require a police officer to actually witness the act of improperly passing a school bus. You can still be issued with moving traffic violation after the fact.

Just because you do not see any police does not mean you will not be issued with a citation. In the state of Pennsylvania, school bus drivers are tasked with the responsibility of noting any violations. They will write down your license plate and the make and model of your car. They are required to then submit that to the police within 48 hours. They also note the time and location where the violation occurred. If the police feel that the report filed by the school bus driver is sufficient, they will see to it that you are issued a violation.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you are determined to be guilty of this offense, you will have five points added to your license. Your driver’s license is also subject to suspension, and that will be for sixty days. Needless to say, this is a significant penalty, so the violation must be taken seriously. You will want to have a lawyer so that you can fight the charge. Your lawyer will work to get the evidence thrown out. If found guilty, they will work hard to get the penalty reduced.

Improper Turn or Signal

When it comes to turning, there are certain rules that you need to follow when driving. You are not simply permitted to turn whenever you want to. There are other cars on the road that you have to consider. You also need to give people behind and in front of you an indication that you wish to make a turn, no matter if that be left or right. Failing to do so can result in a traffic accident. This is why the police in Pennsylvania will issue you a traffic citation if they feel that you have made an improper turn or failed to use your signal properly.

You may be the most careful driver that you know, but that does mean that you are perfect. It could very well be that you were distracted and made a left hand turn when there was a moving car on the right. You might decide to turn right, but fail to properly indicate by turning your signal on in time. These are all reasons why you might be issued a citation. This does not have to be the end of the world, but you do want to take it seriously. You do not want such a violation on your record if at all possible. It will result in points being added to your license, and that could result in your insurance rates going up. This is why you need a lawyer fighting any such violation on your behalf.

Improper Turns and Signals Explained

You might not know exactly what constitutes an improper turn. The most common violation of this law if making a left-hand turn without first yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic. You might think that you have plenty of space, but the police might see it differently. You must make sure there is plenty of time to make that turn. If there is not, just wait until the car has gone through the intersection and then you are free to make your turn.

There are also certain rules and regulations governing the use of your turn signal. When you are driving slower than 35 miles per hours, you will need to turn that signal on a minimum of 100 feet before you decide to make the turn. When you are driving more than 35 miles per hour, then that distance increases to 300 feet. This is because drivers behind you will need the extra to slow down themselves.

Keep in mind that it is your obligation to make sure that your turn signals are working properly. If they are not, you need to get them fixed. Until you are able to do so, the law does permit you to still make a left or right turn, but you will need to use hand signals before doing so. This is not ideal, but it will get the job done. Remember that the same distance rule still applies here.

What Happens If You Get Cited For an Improper Turn or Signal?

If you are seen to be making an improper turn or failing to signal properly, the police may very well pull you over. When it is safe to do so, come to a stop on the side of the road and turn off your ignition. Wait for the police to approach and then respectfully listen to them. They will issue you a citation and you will be on your way if you are polite and follow their instructions. You are under no obligation to answer any questions relating to the citation itself. In fact, it is best not to. Just inform the police officer that you will wait to contact your lawyer before answering any questions.

As soon as you are able to, call our office. Let us know that you have been cited and we will immediately begin to fight the charge for you. There are possible defenses that we can lodge, so let us get to work.

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