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Pennsylvania Rape Lawyers

A rape charge can change your life forever. You could be found guilty before anyone gets to hear your side of the story. Even if you are cleared of any wrongdoing, the stigma can still be attached to your reputation. That is why the best thing that you can do if you are facing a rape charge is to hire an attorney. 

Skilled attorneys will aggressively defend people who have been accused of rape. They believe that everyone is entitled to an attorney regardless of the charges that they are facing. Attorneys will make sure that your constitutional rights are protected. 

Professional Legal Counsel 

An attorney can defend you against any rape charge including marital rape, date rape and statutory rape. The physical evidence that both parties have is the critical element that will determine whether someone will be convicted of rape. Your attorney will carefully examine the evidence. They will also analyze the testimonies of everyone who was involved. 

Your attorney will determine whether there are any inconsistencies in the testimonies provided. If the testimonies are inconsistent or there is a lack of evidence, then the rape charges can be dismissed. 

The relationship between the two parties and whether the intercourse was consensual will also be taken into consideration. 

Pennsylvania Laws On Rape 

In order to convict a person of the rape, the person has to be able to prove one of the following. 

  • Force was used.
  • The defendant threatened the person who was resisting.
  • The defendant gave the victim drugs and alcohol without their consent or knowledge.
  • The victim did not have the mental capacity to consent to having sex.
  • The victim was not aware that the intercourse was going on.

Even if the intercourse was consensual, you can still be convicted of rape if the person was underage. The legal age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16. The age of the person will determine the penalties for statutory rate. 

Criminal Penalties for Rape 

The vast majority of crimes are classified as misdemeanors or felonies. A misdemeanor or felony can be classified as first-degree, second-degree or third-degree. Rape is considered a first-degree felony in Pennsylvania. If you are convicted of rape, then you may be required to pay a fine of $25,000. You could also spend up to 20 years in prison. 

In some cases, the penalties for rape can be even harsher. For example, if a person used a weapon to prevent a person from resisting, then they may be required to spend more time in jail. If a person is convicted of raping a child who is under the age of 13, then they could spend up to 40 years in prison. 

Furthermore, once a person is convicted of any sexual crime, they will be required to register as a sex offender. Failing to register as a sex offender can cause one to have to pay additional fines. They may also be required to spend time in jail. 

How Pennsylvania Rape Lawyers can Help You 

An attorney will defend your rights and reputation. They know how to use the right legal defenses to help your case. It can be scary to face any criminal charge because you do not know what your future will hold. However, attorneys will fight for you. They will make sure that you do not get punished due to mistaken identity, false accusations and improperly handled or obtained evidence. 

Your attorney will keep you updated throughout your case. They will use the most up-to-date legal defense strategies.

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