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Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Lawyers
Insurance fraud is a crime that covers two different aspects: a person might provide false information to obtain benefits or an insurance company might deny benefits that should be paid. Both types of fraud carry significant penalties regardless of the incentive. Aggressive and dedicated insurance fraud attorneys can help if you are facing charges of fraud.

Severe penalties and sentence are associated with insurance fraud. Not only could you be charged in federal court, you may also be sued in a civil action and be required to pay restitution. Most insurance fraud offenses are considered third degree felonies and are punishable with a fine of up to $15,000 and/or seven years in prison. If your charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor or first-degree offense, the fine is $10,000 and possibly five years in prison. Making sure you have a knowledgeable defense attorney on your side is essential.

False auto insurance claims

Many drivers believe they already pay too much in auto insurance premiums. If you are involved in an accident and you exaggerate your injuries, or you claim prior damage on your vehicle with the insurance adjuster, you could be charged with fraud. In the state of Pennsylvania, it is against the law to “knowingly and with intent to defraud a government agency or present documents that contain false, incomplete, or misleading information to approve or disprove a motor vehicle action. “

Homeowners or Renters Insurance Fraud

In the midst of a stressful event, it is often easy to try and take advantage of a bad situation. If you had a small fire in your kitchen or a pipe burst in your basement, it is tempting to make a claim for items that may not have been damaged or include items that were never in the home. Fabricating evidence or asking a repair person it increase their estimate to cover the deductible is also considered a form of fraud. Pennsylvania considers this a felony and you could be prosecuted and required to pay up to $15,000 in fines and spend up to seven years in prison. If convicted you could also find it difficult to obtain home or renters insurance and you would have the stigma on a background check as a convicted felon.

Healthcare Insurance Fraud

Whether you use someone else’s insurance card for services, forge prescriptions for drugs, or bill insurance companies for services not received, health care fraud has significant consequences. Pennsylvania consider this type of fraud a felony and if you are convicted, you could spend time jail and pay a hefty fine.

Working with experienced and professional insurance fraud lawyers will give you peace of mind. We treat our clients with respect and believe in the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” Just because you have been charged with a crime, it doesn’t mean a crime was actually committed. A federal justice system and prosecuting attorney will intimidate and confuse people who are accused.

We can provide an accurate and proper defense and make sure your case is handled fairly. Our firm has helped many clients who have been accused of insurance fraud move through the system and resolve their cases. A proper defense could result in the charges being dropped or a reduction in the charge to cause the least amount of damage to your wallet and reputation.

Allow us to investigate your case and determine the best course of action. Although insurance fraud is known to cost more than $80 billion a year to the industry, don’t allow yourself to become an unwilling victim to insurance fraud accusations. Call us today to discuss your situation and allow us to protect your rights and interests.

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