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SKA Law is a premier, Philadelphia criminal defense law firm, founded by professional criminal attorneys. We take on cases other law firms turn down, because we know how to fight – and when to negotiate. Our goal is to get you the best outcome possible. No fluff. No nonsense. Our focus is results.

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SKA Law takes on fewer clients than other firms – it’s because we believe that taking on fewer clients means we can provide more service, and better results.

25 Years Of Legal Practice

Our firm has over 25 years of combined legal practice. Our Philadelphia criminal attorneys have been recognized by the top lawyer ranking services.

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Our Philadelphia criminal attorneys are available 24/7- regardless of the holiday, or time of week. We are always available to help you.

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We take on fewer clients than other firms. Each client works 1:1 on with one of our senior attorneys.

Norwood Criminal Defense Lawyer

It can be quite terrifying to discover that you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Norwood. This is a serious matter and requires expert legal advice. You will have many questions that you need to have answered, and you will understandably be worried about the legal process and what that entails for you. While it always depends on the specific nature of the charges, our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers will fight equally hard for your legal rights no matter what.

You need to be aware of the consequences of a criminal conviction, even it is a misdemeanor. Because of this factor alone, you need to contact a lawyer as soon after your arrest as possible. In fact, you may be notified that criminal charges are pending even before you are arrested. If that is the case, you will still want to contact us so that we can get the ball rolling on your defense strategy right away.

The Importance of a Lawyer

The court and legal system in the State of Pennsylvania are quite complex and difficult to navigate on your own. This is why we went to years of schooling. It is our experience that you will want on your side. If you have been charged with a crime anywhere in Delaware County, we can help you. That includes Norwood. You will want to have a criminal defense lawyer who is aware of the specific laws in place in your locality. We know the judges and the prosecutors. We understand how they work and are able to fight for our client’s legal rights because of that knowledge.

Being Charged With Theft in Norwood

There are many types of charges associated with theft. Some contain severe penalties, while others may appear relatively minor on the surface. No matter what your own situation may be, it is still important to have a lawyer ready to fight the charges on your behalf. Even a misdemeanor conviction can have negative consequences long after you have paid your fine and served your jail time.

It is important to remember that a theft conviction can remain on your record for a long time, which usually means forever if you are an adult. Just think about the difficulty you will have in trying to get a job in the future. That alone should illustrate why it is important to fight the charges. You might also jeopardize your own personal relationships as a result of your conviction and a corresponding jail sentence. You will want a lawyer to argue your innocence in front of a judge or jury, and to also negotiate for a lesser sentence if you are convicted.

Fighting Drug Charges

You are probably aware that a drug charge is a serious offense anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. If you are convicted, the possible sentence that is imposed can vary widely. It often depends on the type of drug in question, how much of it you had, and what your previous criminal history looks like. You should also be aware that drug charges can involve both state and federal officials. This can get quite complex rather quickly. You do not want to mess around here. Get a criminal defense lawyer involved right away. It is important for them to examine the validity of the evidence that has been gathered against you. You will also be able to count on them to develop a defense strategy for your case in the event that it goes to trial. This is your very future that is at stake here, so you need to do everything you can to fight the charges and prove your innocence.

It is important to have a Norwood criminal defense lawyer working on your case as soon as you have been arrested. You might be in jail waiting for a bail hearing, or you have been allowed to return home already pending a court date. Contact us either way.

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Norwood, you probably have many questions and concerns. Amato Sanita Law Offices understands these legal matters and will be happy to address them for you at any point during the criminal justice process. We offer you over 25 years of combined legal experience by highly skilled and rated attorneys. We offer personalized service that distinguishes us from the crowd. You won’t feel like you’re a number, and you’ll get personalized service every time you contact us. Don’t leave your reputation, career, finances and interpersonal relationships up to chance. Getting in touch with our Norwood criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible significantly increases your chances of beating or reducing the charges you’re facing. We’ll ensure that the police are doing their jobs properly and that you’re being treated fairly while they’re building a case against you. Fighting for your rights and freedom is what Amato Sanita Law Offices does best. As soon as you experience legal trouble, get in contact with our offices at 267-214-2003 for your risk-free consultation.

Juvenile Criminal Matters in Norwood and Bucks County

In Norwood and Bucks County, juvenile charges may seem like minor issues to the average adult. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for overzealous prosecution of seemingly minor issues that are typical of kids. If any of your children have been accused of using a fake ID, purchasing alcohol underage, asking someone of age to purchase alcohol for them, or possession of drugs, you’ll want to get in contact with our experienced attorneys at Amato Sanita Law Offices right away. We’ll be able to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that your child was treated fairly and properly to help to build our case and clear their name. Legal consequences aren’t something that any parent or child should take on without fair and competent legal representation.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Charges in Norwood

In Pennsylvania, DUI charges are on the rise. Not only are police screening for alcohol impairment, but they’re also screening for drug impairment as well. Drug recognition experts are being utilized in the field to make arrests based on their observations. Our offices are experienced in handling DUI cases at all levels including repeat offenses. We’ll ensure that protocol was followed under the law. We’ll also examine whether probable cause to initiate a traffic stop was justified in the first place. For alcohol intoxication, a breath or blood test is given to determine the level of intoxication. There are three levels of intoxication classes that Pennsylvania uses with the least amount being .08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC) and the highest level starting at .16 percent BAC. For suspicion of drug impairment, a blood test is used to determine the level of intoxication and varies according to the classification of the drug. These tests must be administered and measured precisely for the results to be considered accurate and admissible in court. In some cases, we’re able to dispute the validity of the results to obtain a dismissal of the charges. In any case, we’ll be certain that your rights were not violated at any point during the arrest or investigation. Those dealing with a DUI charge can face problems with the following issues and more:

  • Fines and jail time
  • Insurance and license surcharges
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Strain on interpersonal relationships and embarrassment

Get in Touch with Our Norwood Criminal Defense Attorneys for Help

If you’ve been arrested or are currently facing misdemeanor or felony charges in Norwood or Bucks County, get in touch with Amato Sanita Law Offices for a free consultation. One of our attorneys from our award-winning law offices will review your case to determine the best course of action and how we should proceed. We’re available when you need us, so give us a call anytime at 267-214-2003 for the representation you deserve, today.

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"I found Michael Kotik via the internet with the hope by someone to help my son in what we thought was something routine. Long story short after being mislead by the prior firm and received no results and my son sat for 18 months in prison because "no one knew what was going on" Michael was able to not only..."
~ Michelle Doria
"I had a pleasure of dealing with Mike on couple of occasions. He is an amazing attorney. He always came through and did what was promised. Also he went above and beyond to assist with any request. He is definitely a fighter and will do what is needed to come out with the best outcome"
~ Ella Shapiro

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