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Montgomery County Disability Fraud Lawyers

Each year, disability fraud costs tax payers and companies approximately $8 billion. It’s no wonder that government agencies and insurance companies are keeping a watchful eye out for disability fraud.

Receiving a notice that you’re being investigated for disability fraud is no laughing matter. There are serious consequences that you could face as a result of being found guilty of this crime.

Fortunately, help is available to assist you with your disability fraud case. Our experienced Montgomery County disability fraud lawyers can defend you against disability fraud allegations.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re being investigated by an insurance company or government agency, we will work on your behalf to attempt to put an end to the investigation. To get the benefit of having a Montgomery County disability fraud lawyer on your side, you must take immediate action.

What is disability fraud?
Recipients who receive disability fraud payments without being qualified for the payments can be investigated for disability fraud. To be convicted of a disability fraud crime, prosecutors must be able to prove that you intentionally and wrongfully received disability benefits.

Sources of disability fraud allegations include:

  • Private insurance companies
  • Social Security disability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Veteran’s disability benefits
  • Medicaid, Medicare and welfare programs
  • Employment benefits

Examples of disability fraud
When you apply for disability benefits, you have to be careful that you provide accurate information on your application. If your application contains exaggerations or false statements, you could be investigated for disability fraud.

In the United State, disability fraud is a common occurrence. Here are a few ways that people attempt to fraudulently attempt to receive disability benefits.

1. Applicants lie on the application. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to completing a disability application. It’s better to be turned down for disability benefits than to be found guilty of abusing the law to receive disability benefits.

2. Applicants exaggerate their disabilities. It’s essential that you accurately report the extent of your illness, injury or disability.

3. Applicants falsify supporting documentation. In many instances, applicants are required to provide medical documents to support their claims. It’s not uncommon for applicants to create false medical documents. Some applicants obtain false medical documents from their healthcare provider.

4. Applicants underreport income. Underreporting income occurs when an applicant doesn’t provide the full income amount on the disability application.

5. Applicants receive another person’s benefits. Unless you have the legal authority to receive another person’s disability benefits, it’s unlawful.

The penalties for disability fraud include criminal charges and monetary fines. Depending on the extent of the fraud, an applicant could be fined up to $250,000. If convicted, a fraudulent applicant could be sentenced up to 5 years in jail.

You’re facing disability fraud allegations – now what?
If you’re under investigation for disability fraud, you need an experienced Montgomery County disability lawyer to handle your case. This isn’t the time to handle this matter without a lawyer.

When it comes to disability fraud, there are varying degrees of charges. The penalties are determined by the participation level and the amount of money involved in the case.

Contacting our Montgomery County disability fraud attorneys offers several benefits. Our attorneys have years of experience with disability fraud laws. We have defended many clients against disability fraud allegations.

Since disability fraud investigators have attorneys on their side, it is important for you to have an experienced Montgomery County disability fraud lawyer to help you.

Our Montgomery County disability lawyers will work diligently to defend your rights against disability fraud. Schedule a consultation with one of our Montgomery County disability fraud lawyers.

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