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Delaware County Possession Of Drugs Lawyers

Delaware County Possession Of Drugs Lawyers
Having the right Delaware County possession of drugs lawyers by your side can help you fight the charges and minimize the impact on your life. All drug possession charges are serious, but you have constitutional rights. Our Delaware County possession of drugs lawyers are ready to help you assert your rights and protect yourself and your future.

Lawyers for drug possession charges in Delaware County

As soon as you hire our team of experienced drug charges lawyers in Delaware County, we begin working on your case. It’s important to conduct an independent investigation through experienced attorneys. That might mean using the legal process to secure copies of dash cam footage that might exist in the case. It might mean demanding copies of a 911 call. It’s important not to assume that law enforcement does a complete and unbiased evaluation. When you work with our experienced lawyers, we conduct our own investigation.

After we investigate your case, we set to work examining your case and building your defenses. You may assert all of the defenses in your case. The state has to prove the entire case against you. If there are problems with their evidence or they make errors, the entire case may be thrown out by the judge or the jury. Although it’s up to the state to prove the evidence against you, you must assertively build your defenses so that you have the information you need to challenge the state’s case.

Some of the possible defenses that might exist in your possession of drugs case in Delaware County include:

Lack of possession

– The police must prove that the drugs they’re accusing you of are in your dominion. That means they must show that the drugs are in your control. If the drugs are just in your car or in someone else’s control, the police may not be able to prove this element of the offense.

Unknowing possession

– Possession of drugs charges are an example of an intent crime. If someone plants or hides drugs on you, and you’re not aware that you possess drugs, you’re not guilty of the offense. In addition, if you find drugs and call the police, you’re not knowingly possessing drugs. Unfortunately, the police may be in a hurry to make an arrest, and they may not take the time to get the entire story.

It’s not an illegal drug

– Sometimes, the police want so badly to make an arrest that they don’t listen when you try to tell them that you’re not possessing a drug. Law enforcement must test the drugs before they arrive at trial. If they don’t properly check the substance into evidence and test it, you may defend yourself on the grounds that law enforcement can’t prove the substance is illegal.

Constitutional challenges

– Law enforcement only has the authority to act if they suspect that criminal activity is ongoing. They may not harass people who are just going about their business. If law enforcement didn’t have a legal reason to interact with you, the court may suppress admission of the evidence against you before your case even arrives at trial.

Working with your Delaware County lawyers for drug possession

When you work with our experienced lawyers, we help you address the charges against you with determination and skill. It’s our goal to leave no stone unturned as we help you fight for your future. Ultimately, we want to build the strongest case possible and present you with the options so that you can choose the path that you want to take for your defense.

It’s our goal to help you understand all of the possible consequences of the charges and then work with you to help you minimize those consequences. We also want to help you understand the court process and make it as manageable as possible. As you fight to defend your future, you don’t have to be alone when you work with our Delaware County possession of drugs lawyers.

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