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Delaware County Internet Fraud Lawyers

Internet fraud is an increasingly common crime. As a result, prosecutors and courts all over the country are cracking down. A growing number of people who face internet fraud charges are innocent or committed only the most minor offenses. If you or a loved one in Delaware County have been accused of this crime, our lawyers are here to help.

What Is Internet Fraud?

Internet fraud occurs when a person purposely deceives others in an attempt to gain money or another benefit. In the state of Pennsylvania, this falls under laws against computer crimes. Actions that may lead to a charge of internet fraud include:

  • Using someone else’s identity or personal identifiers such as social security number
  • Pretending to offer a good or service that you do not intend to follow through with
  • Running scams or other fraudulent schemes online
  • Performing credit card fraud at online retailers

However, there are many ways for innocent people to be caught up in these charges. Regardless of the situation, our Delaware County internet fraud lawyers believe that all people are innocent until proven guilty. We are here to develop the expert defense that you deserve.

Consequences of an Internet Fraud Conviction

Internet fraud and other computer crimes come with heavier penalties than similar crimes committed offline. In most cases, the charges will be classified as a third-degree felony. Pennsylvania state laws allow people convicted of these crimes to be imprisoned for up to seven years on even the first offense. They also may have to pay fines that can be tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition to these serious consequences, people convicted of these crimes often are asked to repay all victims. Your restitution can include any money they have lost, time out of work, mental distress, and punitive damages. Even if you are not convicted in criminal court, you may be sued in civil courts that have a much lower standard of evidence.

Last, internet fraud can impact the rest of your life in a variety of ways. Having this conviction come up on a background check could affect your ability to get a job, find housing, or even have a bank account. It is almost impossible to remove these charges from your record once you have been convicted.

It is extremely important to get expert legal representation from a lawyer who has experience in defending internet fraud allegations. We know the types of defense that are likely to help you. We also know how investigators collect evidence and the shortcomings of this process. We have the knowledge needed to help you fight for your reputation, your freedom, and your future.

The Defense You Deserve

We have helped many people just like you to beat your charges or get them reduced. There are several defenses that have helped people just like you, including:

  • Intention to deliver the promised goods and services
  • A lack of knowledge about the illicit activity that one participated in
  • Unconstitutional evidence collection, including entrapment and unlawful search and seizure

The most effective defense will depend on the details of your case. We can review your case during your consultation and let you know what services we can offer.

Internet fraud is a very serious charge. Police and prosecutors will spare no resources in collecting evidence to use against you. You deserve representation from someone who is on your side and knows how to handle these charges. To find out how we can help you, contact our offices today for a free consultation.

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