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Delaware County Disability Fraud Lawyers

Disability fraud is a serious crime with consequences that can change your life. In addition to losing the possibility of benefits, people convicted of this crime can face criminal charges. If you or someone you care about in Delaware County has been charged with this crime, your first step should be to get expert help from a lawyer who has experience with this type of allegation.

What Is Disability Fraud?

The government can be extremely stingy with disability benefits. In addition, they are vigilant about charging anyone that they perceive as being dishonest or trying to take benefits to which they are not entitled.

Applying for disability can be a long and arduous process that takes a year or more. In addition, most applicants are out of work during this time and face huge financial stress. Many people become desperate and are tempted to take shortcuts. Unfortunately, many of these shortcuts can qualify as disability fraud. Actions that can lead to charges include:

  • Being dishonest in any part of the process of applying for benefits
  • Failing to report a change of condition or death in someone who collects disability benefits
  • Working at an “under the table” job while collecting disability
  • Using someone else’s identity, such as their social security number, to collect benefits
  • Helping anyone else to do any of the above

Applicants for disability benefits are not the only people who can be charged for this group of crimes. Social workers, doctors, and other professionals who help people through the process also are at risk.

The government constantly watching for any sign of fraud. In addition, they actively solicit anonymous reports, which are thoroughly investigated. As a result, many people are charged with this crime through innocent actions or very minor slips.
If you are indicted for a social security fraud offense, such as making fraudulent statements to get social security benefits you otherwise couldn’t obtain, you can face substantial fines and years in prison.

Consequences for a Disability Fraud Conviction

The punishment for defrauding disability programs can be extreme. People are asked to repay all of the benefits that they are believed to have received unlawfully. In addition, there can be huge fines. In some cases, prosecutors even ask for prison time and other criminal consequences.

In addition, this conviction can have other consequences in your life. Many people who are convicted of disability fraud are kicked out of the program and barred from receiving it in the future. This can lead to huge financial hardship if a person is legitimately unable to work.

In addition, this conviction will show up on background checks for the rest of your life. This can affect your ability to find work, get housing, or otherwise lead a normal life.

Because the consequences can be life-changing, you need a lawyer immediately. An experienced lawyer can help you to develop a defense that will give you the best chance at freedom and financial stability.

The Defense You Deserve

The laws regarding disability benefits are extremely strict. If you are accused of committing this crime, you deserve the best possible defense. You need an attorney who is knowledgeable about disability programs and dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome.

There are several ways to defend against these charges. You may not have realized that you provided incorrect information. Perhaps you have been accused by a member of public who has malicious intentions. In some cases, the federal government collects evidence in ways that are not admissible in courts. We will look at the details of your case and give you a realistic assessment of how we can move forward together.

The court system can be confusing and intimidating. You need the best legal representation. Call our offices today to schedule a free consultation.

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