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Chester County Possession of Heroin Lawyers

A dangerous drug and one that is highly accessible in Chester County is heroin. This is a drug that is classified as a Schedule I. If you’re charged with heroin possession, then you could face a severe punishment allowed by Chester County courts.

If you are found to be in possession of heroin and you don’t have a criminal background or you have only a small amount of the drug on you at the time, you can still be sentenced to spend up to a year in prison. You could also have to pay hefty fines up to $5,000. As the number of offenses that you have relating to heroin possession increases, the number of years that you could be sentenced to spend in jail will increase as well. An example would be if you were charged with a third offense. You could be sentenced to spend up to three years in prison. Keep in mind that heroin doesn’t have to be found on your person for you to be convicted. It could be a bag that you have with you or in your vehicle. You can also be charged with heroin possession if the drug is in your home.

After being charged with heroin possession, you should avoid making any kind of statement to the arresting officer that could be held against you in court. An attorney will examine the evidence about the charges and offer suggestions about the best way to handle the incident. If you know that the heroin belonged to another person, then you could speak with the attorney to try to make a deal with the prosecution. Your safety will be kept in mind if you decide to alert the prosecution about the identity of the person who possessed the heroin. Anything that you say to the arresting officer before you talk to your attorney can be used against you and can be twisted so that it’s presented in a different way in court.

Once you talk to your attorney, all of the facts surrounding the charges will be reviewed to determine if there was probable cause in place when the heroin was found. An example would be if you were stopped by an officer while you were driving. Your attorney will look into whether there was probable cause for the officer to search your vehicle before finding the drug. Your attorney will also look at the facts involving how and where the heroin was found on your person or near your person. If there were other people in the vehicle, in your home, or in close proximity to where the heroin was found at the time you were arrested, then your attorney can work to determine how the other people played a part. It’s possible to use a defense that the drugs weren’t yours, especially if you can provide any kind of proof to your attorney that they were not in your direct possession.

If you know that the drugs were yours and that you have a problem with being addicted to heroin, then your attorney could approach the court to try to arrange a plea deal that would involve going to rehab. However, you would need to be willing to go to rehab so that you wouldn’t spend time in jail. You would also have to successfully complete the stay in rehab as well as any other requirements, such as addiction classes or taking and passing drug tests for a certain period of time. The laws that are associated with heroin possession usually aren’t very flexible, which is why an attorney would be the best option that you have if you’re arrested and charged.

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