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Bucks County Disability Fraud Lawyers

If you’re unable to work because you’ve been injured or have a severe health condition, then you can often apply to receive disability. This is a payment that is given to you each month and is often based on how much money you have made while working in the past. This is a program that often involves a high number of fraudulent reports. The US Social Security Administration often relies on the information from the general public and officials who work with those who receive disability to report any kind of acts that constitute fraud is taking place. If it’s found that you have provided false information in order to receive disability benefits, then you could spend several years in prison and be subject to high fines.

If you live in Bucks County or other areas across the country, you can be charged with fraud if you try to get disability by using false claims. This could include making false reports about your income or about your disability. Most of the time, you have to provide a document from your doctor stating that you are unable to work or that you are unable to work a full 40 hours in a week. If you don’t report the death of someone who has been receiving disability and you continue to receive their benefits, then you can be charged with fraud. You are supposed to report any changes that could impact the amount that you receive each month or if your benefits should stop altogether. If you don’t report these changes, then you could be charged with fraud. However, the punishment usually isn’t as severe as it would be if you initially reported false information. It’s illegal to use another person’s social security number to get benefits. If you receive benefits and sell them for more money, then you can be charged.

When you complete your application to receive disability benefits, you will usually be asked about the details of your disability as well as the last time that you worked. You need to be truthful about these details. Sometimes, you might have to speak with a doctor for the disability office so that the SSA can get a second opinion about whether you’re really disabled or not. If it’s discovered that you are faking an injury or that you’re trying to claim that you’re disabled just to get money, then you will likely be discovered by the doctor who examines you and denied benefits. Another way that you can be charged would be if you were to inflate the monthly income that you’ve had in the past as your disability benefits are often used to determine what you are eligible to receive.

Another example of how you can commit fraud is by getting someone to assist you in falsifying documents about your condition as well as your income. The other person who is involved could be charged as well. If there’s a change to your medical condition, you need to let the SSA know about these changes so that the proper adjustments can be made to the amount that you receive. An example would be if you were on dialysis when you first started receiving¬†disability¬†but stopped treatments because they were no longer needed and didn’t report the change. You should also report changes in the number of hours that you’re able to work or that you are working during the week. Your doctor would likely need to approve the increase in the number of hours so that you can safely maintain employment. An attorney can examine the details of the charges and offer assistance in maintaining your benefits or suggest ways to handle the charges that are brought against you in court.

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