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Our firm has over 25 years of combined legal practice. Our Philadelphia criminal attorneys have been recognized by the top lawyer ranking services.

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Wynnewood Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Amato Sanita Law Offices, we understand that individuals in Wynnewood who are dealing with a criminal charge can be a stressful time for them and their loved ones. There are technical complexities that can make it challenging to navigate through the criminal justice system without the help of a skilled attorney. If you are facing a criminal conviction, then contacting a qualified criminal defense attorney can lead to the best outcome in court. There are many criminal charges that our legal professionals can help with, such as:

Property Crimes
Although Wynnewood is a considered a safe community with low instances of violent crimes, property crime is one of the primary criminal activities in this community. If an individual is convicted of a property crime, it’s vital to contact a criminal defense attorney because these crimes can have serious consequences.

Arson is when an individual sets an intentional fire. When an individual is charged with arson in Wynnewood, it can lead to a felony conviction. Even if no one was harmed from the fire, it can still result in a first degree felony. A first degree felony in Pennsylvania could lead to fines up to $25,000 and up to 20 years in prison.

Auto Theft
In Pennsylvania, penalties for property crimes are determined by the value of the property that was taken. If you’re charged with stealing an automobile in Wynnewood, you could face a third degree felony conviction. If convicted, the consequences could result in a prison sentence up to seven years and a fine of $15,000.

Juvenile Crimes
When a child under 18 has been charged with a crime, a conviction could have a serious impact on his or her future. Enlisting the help of a reputable criminal defense attorney can help ensure that your child’s future is protected. Our team specializes in a number of juvenile crimes that include theft, assault, disorderly conduct, and underage DUIs.

Drug Charges
Wynnewood area residents who have been convicted of a drug charge should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. If you’re convicted of a drug charge, then you may have to attend court-ordered classes, pay costly fines, and serve time in jail or prison. Not only will this make it hard to find employment, you could also have difficulties finding a place to live.

Assault and Domestic Violence
Domestic violence occurs between married couples and couples that are dating. It can also happen between divorced couples. There are many instances where individuals who are charged with domestic violence were acting in self defense. Moreover, there are times when false allegations lead to domestic violence charges, which is why it’s important to contact us immediately if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence.

Firearms and Weapons Crimes
There are many instances where individuals are arrested for firearms and weapons crimes when they were unaware that they were breaking the law. If you’ve been charged with the possessing an unlicensed or illegal weapon, assault with a deadly weapons, illegally selling guns or firearms, or any other weapons charge, let us take a look at your case. If this was your first offense, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to have the charge reduces, and there are certain instances when an attorney can have the charges completely dismissed.

We also help our clients with the following criminal charges:

  • DUI
  • Traffic violations
  • Theft
  • Sex crimes
  • Officer and public crimes

Contact us for a consultation if you’re facing criminal charges in Wynnewood. We have the experience and determination to help our clients achieve the best possible results by carefully investigating the circumstances and establishing a solid defense strategy. At Amato Sanita Law Offices, we will fight to ensure that you’re rights are protected.

The coverage of false confessions in various media has caused many people to be aware of this problem. It is something that occurs too often in the criminal justice system. False confessions have resulted in people who did not commit a crime being convicted and put in jail for extended periods of time. The Innocence Project estimates that over 31 percent of individuals determined to be innocent through DNA evidence have given a false confession. False confessions most often occur when unfair interrogation tactics are used by law enforcement.

It is always essential for any person charged with a crime to have a defense attorney with them when they are questioned by law enforcement. A person charged with a crime must understand if they confess to something they did not do, they still have legal rights. An experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney will know how to have a false confession thrown out. Only when this happens can a fair and legal result be obtained.

The skilled use of intimidation has resulted in many people making false confessions. The interrogation process no longer has physical abuse as a common occurrence. Law enforcement utilizes other methods to intimidate suspects. These methods are effective and often result in people confessing to crimes they did not commit.

Interrogation Methods
A suspect can experience implied or expressed intimidation. This can be in the form of threats to a person’s reputation, livelihood as well as physical threats. Suspects have been threatened with psychological, financial, emotional harm. Isolation is an effective part of many interrogations as well as being forced to sit in a holding room that is dark and uncomfortable. Suspects may be told they can end the interrogation if they agree with law enforcement’s accusations against them.

Deceptive Practices
There are common things law enforcement will misrepresent to obtain a confession.

*A suspect may be told another suspect has told about their involvement in the crime.
*Law enforcement may tell a suspect they know the suspect committed the crime.
*A suspect may be told there is a witness who saw them commit the crime.
*Law enforcement may tell a suspect they have evidence that proves the suspect committed the crime.

Mental State
Members of law enforcement will take advantage of a suspect’s mental state. They want results and often are not worried about protecting a person’s rights. The desire to get a confession will include exploiting a person’s lack of experience with law enforcement as well as exploiting their weakened mind.

*Young people who are likely to trust members of law enforcement.
*Individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
*Individuals who have limited education as well as mental abilities.
*Individuals who are experiencing serious sleep deprivation as well as exhaustion.

When a suspect is being held in custody, members of law enforcement will tell them their punishment will be less if they cooperate. Some even tell suspects their charges may be dismissed. It is also possible for members of law enforcement to threaten a suspect with being charged with committing a more serious crime. They tell them about severe prosecution and penalties that will happen if the suspect doesn’t cooperate with them. In this situation, it doesn’t matter if they can actually charge a suspect with such crimes. This is done to get a suspect to make a confession and get a conviction.

In many cases, the people who are charged with crimes are overwhelmed and vulnerable to intimidation. It is important they know they have legal rights. There are some ways people charged with a crime can avoid making a false confession. They should never believe what they are being told by law enforcement. The goal of law enforcement is to obtain a confession and make their work easier. It’s important to be patient. A person charged with a crime could be held for hours. They could be repeatedly questioned by several members of law enforcement. Their goal is to wear a person down and get them to confess.

During an interrogation, a person has the right to remain silent. They don’t have to answer any questions. A person charged with a crime has a right to legal counsel. It is important for a suspect to speak with legal counsel before talking with law enforcement. One of the most effective ways for a suspect to get the best outcome possible is to have an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side.

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"I found Michael Kotik via the internet with the hope by someone to help my son in what we thought was something routine. Long story short after being mislead by the prior firm and received no results and my son sat for 18 months in prison because "no one knew what was going on" Michael was able to not only..."
~ Michelle Doria
"I had a pleasure of dealing with Mike on couple of occasions. He is an amazing attorney. He always came through and did what was promised. Also he went above and beyond to assist with any request. He is definitely a fighter and will do what is needed to come out with the best outcome"
~ Ella Shapiro

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