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Philadelphia Sexual Assault Lawyers

Being accused of sexual assault in Philadelphia could lead to an arrest and criminal charges being filed against you. All it takes is one person to say you assaulted them in a sexual manner to ruin your life forever. You will never be able to shake the accusation no matter how hard you try, and that is even the case with people who are able to prove they did do it. Sexual assault is not the same thing as rape, which is the only thing that many people have going for them when they are accused of such a crime. However, becoming the defendant in a case such as this one is never a situation in which you want to find yourself.

What Happens?

When you’re accused of sexual assault, an investigation will occur. If there is enough evidence, you could go to jail for your crime. This could include DNA evidence or any other type of evidence, and that’s all it takes to put you in jail prior to a trial. This is an accusation that might affect you the rest of your life, which is why you want to call an attorney. These charges can be fought, but you need an attorney on your side who can ask to have DNA evidence suppressed, evidence proved wrong, and your charges dropped or dismissed entirely.

Sexual assault involves everything but penetration. That classifies your assault as rape. If you’re accused of forcing someone to perform sexual acts against their will but you do not force them to experience penetration, it is sexual assault. You should know that assault could include penetration using a foreign object, however.

When you are arrested, you’ll be charged with this crime. Following your charges, you’ll be booked into the local jail. Once that happens, you can call your attorney and find out what comes next. You might get to go home on bail if the judge agrees at your hearing, but there is no guarantee this will happen based on your situation and your ability to pay the bail.

Is There A Defense Against Sexual Assault?

Yes, there are many defenses against sexual assault. Your attorney can prove that you either did not do this, that it was consensual, or that there was a situation that prevented the police from legally collecting your DNA, which means that it will be suppressed in court. You have options.

– Someone wants revenge
– Someone wants to cover themselves
– Mistaken identity
– Someone was unable to consent
– A person was not of sound mind

There are many things that might cause someone to accuse you of sexual assault. Perhaps a man wanted to become more serious after a one-night stand, and you did not. Now he’s accusing you of sexual assault to get back at you. Perhaps you took home a woman who consented to engage in sexual acts with you, but her husband found out and she’s trying to cover her tracks and save her marriage. Perhaps you simply look like someone else. You took home someone who was too drunk to consent, but perhaps you didn’t realize she was too drunk. Maybe you were too drunk, and you didn’t realize the person you were with was not of the correct sound mind to make a decision like this.

Whatever happened at the time in question, your attorney can help you fight your case. If this is the first time you’ve been arrested, you might find that a judge is a bit more lenient when issuing your penalties. You could face jail time, fines, and more. However, you might also be able to prove that this did not happen or that it was a mistake or misunderstanding. Call an attorney. Your attorney is the person who will fight for you. You don’t know the legal system like an attorney, which means they may see a way out of this that you don’t see.

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