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Philadelphia Section 8 Fraud Lawyers

Philadelphia Section 8 Fraud Lawyers
Owning property is a way to build wealth. Most Americans will buy at least one house in the course of their lifetime. Some people choose to make property management the source of their wealth and the basis of their career. Some landlords may own only a single rental home. Others might own multiple rental homes. All those who own rental or manage rental properties face many options when it comes to deciding who will be allowed to rent from them. One option are Section 8 housing vouchers. Section 8 is a program that was first put in place during the Roosevelt administration. At that time, there was widespread unemployment. The goal of the problem was to bridge the gap between what people could afford to pay for housing and the fair market value of such housing. This program is still in effect today. Landlords across the country may decide that renting to Section 8 tenants is an ideal choice.

Preparing the Space

In order to accept Section 8 housing vouchers, the landlord must agree to meet certain standards. Housing inspectors will conduct a separate housing inspection of your property. This inspection is in addition to the regulations you must meet according to state and local housing laws. The inspectors look closely at all areas of your property. They will examine the space to make sure that it is safe and that it meets all national codes in regards to specifics such as water supply, the use of structure and materials, indoor air quality and smoke detection.

All landlords are required to submit the space for inspection before a tenant can move in. The inspector will also inspect the property after the tenant has been living there for a year. In addition, housing officials may choose to inspect the property if the tenant files a complaint about the home’s condition. They can also respond to the landlord’s complaints that a tenant is not keeping the property in the desired condition. Officials may also choose to conduct surprise inspections if they think there’s the possibility of fraud.

Potential Problems

Renting to Section 8 tenants can be a good choice for some landlords. For others, however, it can mean an extra layer of rules and regulations that can be highly confusing and even contradictory. A landlord may have issues that arise before they participate in the program and once they are part of it. If officials think the landlord is not meeting their obligations to the tenants, they can take several steps. Landlords can be asked to correct any problems and be given time to bring it up to code. A landlord who does not meet the necessary requirements may face many kinds of penalties.

Landlords who violate housing codes can be taken to court and fined. They can also be removed from participation. A landlord may also be facing charges that they acted to defraud the Department of Housing and Urban Development in some way. For example, they might be charged with deliberately overestimating the value of the home. In doing so, they may have charged more than the fair market rent. Landlords can also be charged with violating HUD laws pertaining to Section 8 housing in other instances. Officials may charge the landlord with deliberately conspiring with others to defraud tenants and defraud officials at HUD by presenting evidence that measures have been taken to remedy any existing problems when they have done so.

Participating in Section 8 housing can be a great choice for many landlords. If they are denied their right to welcome tenants, this can lead to a significant loss of income. It can also lead to a decreased tenant rental base and a reduction in the overall value of the property. This is why a careful, thorough consultation with Philadelphia Section 8 fraud lawyers is a necessity in such instances for all landlords.

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