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Philadelphia Possession of Cocaine Lawyers

Being Indicted With a Cocaine Possession Charge in Philadelphia Can Have Serious Consequences, Be Sure to Contact One of Our Experienced Attorneys Today to Help Dispute These Charges
Cocaine use has seen a significant drop in recent years, but addiction treatment programs in Philadelphia have still seen large amounts of people entering them to treat cocaine addiction; Courts also still see tons of cases related to the possession and distribution of cocaine. Individuals charged with the possession of cocaine in Philadelphia can face expensive fines and large prison sentences if they’re convicted; In fact, even small amounts can lead to incredibly harsh punishments. These charges can also be risen to trafficking or intent to distribute charges in severe situations; Charges can also be taken to a federal level where stricter consequences come into play.

Luckily a cocaine possession charge can be disputed by our highly experienced criminal defense attorneys. Michale Fienman in particular has extensive experience in representing individuals charged with drug possession charges and can employ effective strategies to lessen or dismiss charges.

The Specific Laws Surrounding Cocaine Possession and the Consequences They Can Bring

Being indicted with a cocaine possession charge in Philadelphia is a serious offense. This is because Philadelphia still enforces strict mandatory minimum laws that can cause any individual to receive a prison sentence, even if they only possessed a small amount. Possession of cocaine is defined as knowingly/intentionally possessing it for recreational use without a valid prescription and/or license for the possession and use of the substance. Prosecutors and courts can even indict you with charges like possession of paraphernalia without cocaine even being in your possession. Possession charges can be filed as long as the cocaine is found near you or found in your personal property, for example a home or car.

Penalties for individuals convicted of cocaine possession can be incredibly serious. The aforementioned mandatory minimums in Philadelphia guarantee at least a year in prison and/or $5000 in fines, even if it is your first offense. Repeated offenses can add another year to the minimum; For example, two years in prison for a second offense and three years for a third offense. Other factors can also influence sentencing; These factors include the amount of cocaine possessed, other drugs in your possession, manufacturing of cocaine and the cultivation and/or planting of coca plants. To make matters worse, a cocaine possession charge will almost always be considered a felony, which can cause serious repercussions for the rest of your professional and academic career; It can be considered a misdemeanor in some cases though, although some employers and academic institutions will still deny people on drug charges alone, irregardless of severity.

Strategies Our Attorneys Employ to Fight Cocaine Possession Charges and Why You Should Seek Their Services

If you’re charged with possession of cocaine, you don’t have to worry, our experienced attorneys are here to help you lessen possibly severe sentences or dismiss the charges brought against you altogether. We recognize that law enforcement can entrap individuals and/or the cocaine the court is alleging you to possess may not have belonged to you in the first place. We’re also here to defend your rights from law enforcement that may perform an illegal search and seizure. You don’t have to worry if you don’t understand the complicated legal process in courts either, we’re here to guide you through this process and help you determine things like when you should accept plea bargains, when your rights may have been violated and develop multiple options to dispute the charges; We can also explain complicated legal terms and codes that courts use, so you’ll never feel out-of-the-loop.

Overall, you should immediately retain an experienced attorney if you’re facing cocaine possession charges; Our criminal defense lawyers specifically can help you seriously lessen punishments or dismiss the charges altogether. The prosecution is likely already building a case against you, so why not start building one for yourself so you can defend your reputation and guarantee your freedom. Contact us today and we can immediately schedule a free consultation.

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