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Philadelphia Intent to Distribute Lawyers

When you’re charged with intent to distribute drugs, you face a serious misdemeanor or felony charge. The jail time that you face is serious. For large quantities of certain drugs, you face up to eight years in prison. Our lawyers for intent to distribute in Philadelphia can help you when you’re facing these serious charges.

Philadelphia intent to distribute lawyers

Defending your case for intent to distribute drugs begins with examining the possible consequences to the charges. The maximum penalties that you face depend on the type of drug that you’re accused of trying to distribute and whether you have prior convictions for intending to distribute drugs. Possession with intent to distribute drugs may be based on any of the following types of drugs:

  • heroin
  • narcotics – schedule I
  • narcotics – schedule II
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine
  • phencyclidine
  • amphetamine
  • methaqualone

Each drug has its own maximum penalties. The maximum penalties depend on how much of the drug you intend to deliver and the quantity that you have. If you have prior offenses, the maximum penalties increase. Law enforcement must prove that you have prior offenses if they wish to enhance the charges against you with a prior conviction.

How does law enforcement prove intent to deliver in Philadelphia?

Intent to distribute charges in Philadelphia are based on specific intent. That means that law enforcement must prove that you intended to distribute the drugs. It can be difficult for law enforcement to prove what you were thinking. Law enforcement might try to prove your intent to distribute based on the quantity of drugs that you have. They might presume that you had a quantity that shows your intent to distribute the drugs.

Law enforcement might also try to prove your intent to distribute from the circumstances. Of course, law enforcement’s report of the arrest may not be factually accurate. You have a right to call and question witnesses. They can testify to the court in your case, and you can even testify in your own defense to tell the jury how the police made errors in your case. Intent to distribute is a different crime from simple possession of drugs. It’s important to carefully examine the charges in order to know what you’re defending against.

Lawyers for intent to distribute in Philadelphia

The process of facing charges for intent to distribute may begin with an arrest or with notice of the charges. If you’re arrested, you have the right to appear before a court within 72 hours. In most cases, you may post a bond while you await further proceedings. The court must inform you of the charges against you.

It’s important to work quickly to gather the evidence in your case. Building the evidence in your case includes gathering the police reports, demanding an investigation of evidence and contacting witnesses. You should examine your case for possible constitutional violations of law. While you await trial in your case, our Philadelphia intent to distribute lawyers work to build the evidence for trial.

Working with our lawyers for drugs cases in Philadelphia

When you work with our experienced attorneys, we handle the entire case on your behalf. From working to secure favorable bond conditions to helping you understand the charges at your arraignment, we handle the entire process. We build defenses, file preliminary motions and speak on your behalf in court. Our team works to build the strongest case possible and negotiate for a favorable resolution with the state’s attorney.

Whether you accept an offer of settlement or you take your case to trial, our team of experienced attorneys works to put you in the best position possible when you’re facing a challenging circumstance. If you’re facing charges of intent to distribute in Philadelphia, you don’t have to fight alone. Our Philadelphia intent to distribute lawyers are here to help you fight aggressively and protect your rights and interests.

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