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Pennsylvania Social Security Fraud Lawyers

Pennsylvania Social Security Fraud Lawyers

The Social Security program is intended to help people who cannot work, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. However, the system can be very difficult to navigate. It is extremely easy to make a mistake when applying for or receiving benefits. If the federal government believes that you made errors on purpose, you may be charged with Social Security fraud.

Because the Social Security program has so many resources, it is difficult to fight these charges. Prosecutors will try to impose harsh penalties and paint you as a hardened criminal. The only way to beat these charges is to have expert legal representation. Our Pennsylvania Social Security fraud lawyers are here to help you at this difficult time.

What Is Social Security Fraud?

Social Security fraud is the act of collecting benefits from this program that you are not entitled to. In addition, you can be charged with fraud if you helped someone else to commit fraud.

There are several actions that can qualify as Social Security fraud. If you lied on an application, supplied false documents, or otherwise gave the government false information, you may be charged. You also may be charged if you continued to work under the table while receiving Social Security benefits. If you are a social worker or doctor who helped someone to collect Social Security benefits that the government believes are fraudulent, you also may be charged.

Steep Penalties for Fraud

Applying for Social Security can be a stressful process. The court appointments and doctor’s visits can quickly become extremely expensive, at a time when the person is often unable to work or care for themselves. It is very easy to make mistakes when navigating this complex and frustrating system. Even small errors can lead to fraud charges and prison time without the right legal representation.

People convicted of Social Security fraud usually have to repay any funds that they are believed to have received unlawfully. In addition, there can be fines. In extreme cases, people can go to prison for committing this type of fraud.

If you are a professional, you may lose your license and the ability to work in your field. This is a consequence often used to punish doctors and other professionals who are convicted of this type of fraud.

In addition, there are other consequences. Being convicted of fraud will make it difficult or even impossible to collect Social Security benefits in the future, even if they are truly needed. In addition, a fraud conviction can make it difficult to get a job or housing in the future.

People accused of these crimes may face charges from several different courts. Even if you are acquitted in criminal courts, you may have to appear before Social Security judges. We are experts in developing a defense that will be convincing in both contexts.

The Expert Defense You Need

Many people who are accused of Social Security fraud are innocent. Still others made a mistake or an error in judgment because they were desperate to get help. The system is extremely hard on people who simply were trying to survive. However, not all mistakes are fraud. You deserve compassion and help at this difficult time.

However, an experienced attorney can ensure that your side of the story is heard. You may not have realized that you were committing fraud. The government may have collected evidence in a way that does not respect your rights. We know what arguments are more likely to get a person in your situation fully acquitted or get the charges reduced.

Our Pennsylvania Social Security fraud lawyers know that you are innocent until proven guilty. We are hear to examine your case and help you to succeed. For your free consultation, call our offices today.

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