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Pennsylvania Possession of Steroids Lawyers

Controversies exist about the use of anabolic steroids. Oral and injectable forms of these drugs can tremendously increase muscle mass. Many bodybuilders and competitive athletes rely on steroids for a performance edge. Celebrities may use these drugs to enhance their physiques. And even recreational users take steroids to improve their appearance despite the adverse health risks. While many don’t believe steroids should be illegal, they are. Steroids fall under the DEA’s classification of Schedule III drugs. In the state of Pennsylvania, possession of these drugs is a crime.

The Legal Definition of Possession of Steroids

Anyone carrying steroids on his or her person without a prescription may face charges of possession. Steroids such as Dianabol, Testosterone, Winstrol, and others do require a prescription — no exceptions. Certain steroids might not be available legally in any way, shape, or form since doctors do not and cannot write prescriptions for them. Carrying these drugs in your pocket or a vehicle does reach the legal definition of possession. However, you can be charged with a crime even when the drugs are not on you nor within your reach.

Anyone who maintains access to a drug may face charges of possession. So, if the drugs are located as a second residence you own, you can be charged with possession regardless of whether you physically stood inside the property.

Please be aware you could be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia as well. Testosterone, for example, enters the body through injections. Possessing syringes when there is no actual prescription for testosterone usually means additional charges.

Simple Possession vs. Possession with Intent to Deliver

Acquiring steroids for personal use falls under the delineation of simple possession. A charge for possession falls under the category or misdemeanors. While a misdemeanor is less than a felony, being arrested, charged, and convicted of a misdemeanor is a serious matter. Regardless of your personal opinions about steroids, the record will show your conviction for a drug offense. That’s what others will see when performing a background check.

Anyone arrested for possession with intent to deliver faces felony charges. Intent to deliver represents the accused intended to sell steroids. Someone who is “only” selling small amounts to others in a gym breaks the law. He/she would be a “drug dealer” under Pennsylvania and federal law.

Keep in mind, a conviction in a court of law requires proof of knowledge, control, and other criteria to arrive at a conviction. A skilled attorney may address these and other aspects of the charges to create the necessary reasonable doubt to avoid a conviction.

The Internet and Criminal Actvity

The bodybuilding and fitness world doesn’t always shy away from discussions about steroid use. People openly discuss their drug use on message boards and social media platforms. Some provide advice about how to use steroids on YouTube. Anyone who thinks law enforcement isn’t monitoring such activity may be in for a surprise one day. Anyone even hinting at selling steroids likely is under law enforcement’s radar. One day, a warrant is served, and arrests are made. Soon after, the accused looks at the massive amount of evidence compiled during the investigation. All the previously made public commentary about steroid use now haunts the accused.

Defenses for Steroid Possession

Anyone who finds him/herself facing charges related to the possession or sale of steroids should retain the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney who understands how to approach a steroid case could best serve a client. Even when the state’s case is strong, an experienced attorney could work out a plea agreement. The attorney may also help a client receive a fair sentence if pleading or found guilty.

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