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Pennsylvania Possessing Child Pornography Lawyers

Our Attorneys Are Here to Help You Fight Back Against False or Unjust Child Pornography Charges
Technology like smartphones and computers have continued to grow and with it crime related to child pornography has grown as well. Images of child pornography can easily be found on accident, but mistakes involving it can still net an individual serious charges. The images can also be sold/distributed or viewed without the intention to do so and offenders can face threatening charges in the state of Pennsylvania and easily have their charges be elevated to a federal level; Whether the charges are on a state or federal level doesn’t matter though, as they both offer significant penalties.

Child pornography charges carry serious weight outside of the court room as well, as they can easily destroy an individual’s reputation; Examples of this include difficulty to find employment, loss of previous employment, loss of contact with one’s spouse, family and friends and general disapproval from society.

If you are charged with possession of child pornography, you should retain one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys immediately as they can help dismiss false accusations and/or prevent serious punishment.

The Facts About Child Pornography Possession Charges and the Consequences That Could Come With the Charge

Possession of child pornography is a serious charge in any state, not just Pennsylvania, and the charges will typically be elevated to a federal level with stricter consequences and serious limitations. Possession of child pornography is defined as any graphic visual depiction of a minor; This can include photographs, videos, films, computer generated images and/or edited images to make an individual appear as a minor. It also doesn’t matter how the photo was acquired and/or found as activities like downloading it or emailing links of it are considered evidence of possession; It’s worth mentioning that it does not matter where these depictions originated from, as you can still face charges even if it was constructed or taken outside of Pennsylvania. These charges can even go across borders, as the US federal government prohibits any individual from producing or viewing it. The charges can be on a state or federal level, but individuals will typically be prosecuted under federal law or face charges from both the state and federal government.

The consequences for possession of child pornography will always be strict and inflexible. Individuals who are convicted of these charges face a minimum of five years in prison; If one is caught producing this content, this minimum rises to 15 years. Other factors can also lengthen sentences; These factors include prior convictions related to child pornography or the sexual harassment of minors, possible sadistic, violent or masochistic depictions in the media, the depiction of sexual abuse in the media and the age of the minor in the depictions. These circumstances can cause an offender to face a lifetime sentence instead of a smaller one. Charges can also be “doubled”, as offenders may face a conviction in both state and federal courts; This can make a prison sentence much longer and give an individual more penalties/fines.

Don’t Worry, Our Attorneys Are Here to Dispute Unfair or False Child Pornography Charges

Being indicted with a child pornography charge can be downright horrifying, especially in cases where it’s a false accusation. Our lawyers understand that and we are here to fight with you every step of the way. We can help you devise defense strategies, consider plea bargains and fight against violations of your rights. Our knowledgeable and Pennsylvania-based criminal defense attorneys will also be there to explain a complex and intimidating legal process and all the confusing legal terms that may be used in a courtroom. So don’t be concerned, we’re with you every step of the way in fighting back against unjust and/or false accusations.

Overall, child pornography charges are serious and you need to retain an experienced lawyer to fight back against them. We offer free consultations, so be sure to contact us and schedule one today.

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