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Pennsylvania Immigration Fraud Lawyers

Marriage is a beloved institution. Many people love the very idea of spending the rest of their lives with another person. People can find love wherever they look. This might be next door. It also might be in another place halfway across the globe. Getting married to someone from another country is one way to see the world in a different light. At the same time, people who choose this potential marriage should keep in mind that it can pose highly specific issues that may not arise when marrying under other circumstances. One thing to keep in mind is that American immigration services wish to make sure that everyone who enters this country does so legally. Over time, some people have realized they can enter the United States allegedly by merely marrying an American citizen.

Earning a Green Card

One of the first steps to earning American citizenship is to get what is popularly known as a green card. This is a document that authorizes people to enter the United States. It can also allow people to do other things in the country legally including getting access to the American workplace. Doing so can help the holder by allowing them to earn far more money than they would have earned in their own home country. A spouse can petition for a green card for the person they married. In doing so, they can provide the spouse with the means to continue to live in the United States, enter the country in the first place and avoid deportation if they can present evidence that their removal might impact a citizen in a negative way.

Given the power of the petitioner, many officials that serve as the American public in this department may choose to scrutinize newly married couples very closely before granting permission for a partner to have a green card. Anyone who is planning this course of action should be aware of the steps they must take in order to make sure the marriage is a valid under American immigration laws. It’s best to keep in mind that the laws governing immigration and marriage in the United States grant officials a great deal of power to investigate potential fraud. This is why it is best to have legal counsel from Pennsylvania immigration lawyers in the event of this kind of issue from the very first.

Illustrating a Valid Marriage

In the event of possible marriage fraud charges, the couple should be aware of the kinds of questions they might face. They should also be aware that immigration officials can investigate the couple’s actions closely. They can visit a couple’s home in person to see evidence that the parties are living together rather than in separate residences. Officials at immigration can also speak to others who may be close to the couple. For example, they might visit each spouse’s workplace. Once there, they can ask deeply personal questions such as if the couple is obviously in love or there’s any evidence of attempted fraud.

Officials can also speak closely to the couple’s employers and ask them questions. For example, they might ask how long the couple has been planning the wedding and if there’s evidence they knew each other before they got married. An official can also ask to speak to neighbors to find out if they see the couple together and if they’ve met one member of the marriage before in some capacity. This kind of wide leeway can work the couple’s favor by providing additional evidence of the long standing nature of their personal relationship. At the same time, couples may have minor issues such as the fact that one person rarely mentioned being in love before or another talked about going overseas to find a bride in return for money. Proper preparation from skilled legal authorities can help people overcome and avoid such issues.

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