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Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers

When you’re facing a DUI charge, having the right Pennsylvania DUI lawyers by your side can make the difference as you prepare for your defense. A DUI lawyer can help you defend against the charges of DUI in the best possible way. You may have defenses that you aren’t familiar with. An experienced attorney can help you prepare valid defenses and fight for your rights under Pennsylvania law.

Pennsylvania DUI lawyers

Working as your Pennsylvania DUI lawyers begins with conducting an investigation. It’s not enough to assume that the police conducted a proper investigation. They may have violated your constitutional rights. If the police violate your constitutional rights, you can raise the issues with the court and ask them to suppress the evidence against you. The police must have a valid reason to stop your vehicle to investigate. They must have more than just a suspicion, and they may not act on stereotypes. In addition to having suspicion to stop your vehicle, the police must have probable cause to conduct field sobriety tests or conduct a chemical test.

Invesigating your case as your Pennsylvania DUI lawyers

The police may make errors in your case that call your case into question. They may not interview all witnesses. They may not conduct field sobriety tests using verified protocols. The experience of a trained Pennsylvania DUI lawyer can make the difference to help you spot these issues and raise them in your defense.

You may raise your defenses at trial as you argue your innocence to the jury. On the other hand, if there are constitutional issues to discuss, it may be necessary to file a motion with the court in advance to ask the court to address the evidence. You might need to hire an expert witness in order to explain technical information to the jury like breath testing information or how field sobriety tests work. You might use questions about the evidence in your case in order to ask for a favorable plea offer from the state’s attorney.

DUI Offenses in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the penalties for your DUI offense depend on your bodily alcohol content and your criminal history. If your blood alcohol content is low and you have no prior offenses, your offense is an ungraded misdemeanor that results in probation and a fine. The penalties become significantly more serious as you face a second and third offense. With prior offenses or a higher blood alcohol level, you may face additional jail time up to five years in prison. The exact sentence is up to the discretion of the judge.

It’s important not to assume that you’re convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania just because you’re arrested for drunk driving. It’s up to the state to prove the truth of the charges against you. You don’t have to prove that you’re not guilty. There are legal protections that work to your benefit that ensure the reliability of evidence. If the police don’t follow protocol when they conduct their investigation, the charges against you may not be valid. It’s not up to the police to decide your guilt or innocence. Instead, the judge or the jury has the final say about your guilt or innocence. If you’re found not guilty, you receive no penalty.

Penalties for DUI offenses in Pennsylvania

If you’re facing a DUI charge, there are a number of potential penalties that may result. Of course, most people think of jail time when they’re charged with DUI. Jail time can be a serious consequence of a DUI charge. You also face probation and steep fines. Probation may include alcohol treatment and alcohol highway safety school. One serious consequence that you may not expect for a drunk driving offense is a driver’s license suspension. If you face a DUI charge, it’s important to address all of the possible consequences in order to reach the result that’s best for you under Pennsylvania law.

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