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Pennsylvania Credit Card Fraud Lawyers

Credit card fraud is the act of obtaining a person’s credit card without their permission and using it to make purchases. People can also be charged with credit card fraud if they use a card that has been tampered with, counterfeited or canceled. Credit card fraud is an epidemic in America, and it is a problem that the court takes seriously. It is considered a white collar crime.

Even though white collar crimes are non-violent, they can still carry serious consequences. They can also be classified as felonies. If the Federal Bureau Investigation, or FBI, gets involved, then the consequences can be even more serious.

That is why if you or someone you know has been accused of credit card fraud, then it is time for you to contact an attorney. Lawyers understand all of the state and federal laws regarding credit card fraud. They will work hard to defend your case.

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud In PA

The value of the services and goods that a person tried to fraudulently obtain with the credit card will determine the penalties for credit card fraud. Every credit card that a person fraudulently uses will carry its own charge. This means that a person can get charged with credit card fraud several times.

If the value is under $50, then this will be considered a second-degree misdemeanor. People who are charged with second-degree misdemeanors can spend up to two years in prison. If the value is between $50 and $500, then this will be classified as a first-degree misdemeanor. The punishment for a first-degree misdemeanor is five years in prison.

Additionally, if the value is over $500, then it will be classified as a third-degree felony. People who have third-degree felonies can spend up to seven years in prison. Many people who are charged with credit card fraud do not go to prison. However, they are often put on probation and required to pay hefty fines.

How Can a Credit Card Fraud Attorney Help You?

A credit card fraud attorney can do the following for you.

  • Discover all of the facts that are surrounding your case
  • Determine the type of damage that has been done.
  • Determine the weaknesses and strengths of your cases
  • Determine the best course of action to take-They have to decide whether it is best for you to go to court or accept a plea deal.

You definitely want to hire an attorney if you are facing a credit card fraud charge. They will help you understand all of the rights that you have. They can also defend you in court. Credit card fraud is a crime that the criminal justice system takes seriously.

That is why it is important to take the steps that are necessary for reducing your charges. If you hire an attorney, then you will be able to rest assured that you will be represented in the best way possible.

Why it is Important to Hire A Credit Card Fraud Attorney

The outcome of your case will be a lot better if you have a credit card fraud attorney on your side. A credit card lawyer will stand between you and the criminal justice system. They will defend your rights and represent you in court.

Attorneys have a good understanding of the law. They will inform you of the laws and how they apply to your credit card fraud case. The criminal justice system can be quite complicated. That is why you need the assistance of a trained and experienced credit card fraud attorney.

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