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Montgomery County Tax Evasion Lawyers

Being investigated for tax evasion is a serious matter. If you’re under investigation by the IRS for tax evasion, it’s time to consult with a Montgomery County tax evasion lawyer.

Our experienced Montgomery County tax evasion lawyers have defended hundreds of clients in tax evasion investigations. We want you to know that we are ready to consult with you to determine how we can help you.

Examples of tax evasion
IRS officers investigate individuals (and companies) for tax evasion when it is believed that they had a willful intention to avoid paying federal taxes. There are several actions that constitute this crime.

1. Omitting or underreporting income. The IRS has strict rules when it comes to reporting income. According to the United States tax guidelines, you must report all of your income on your tax return. If you deliberately omit or underreport your income for any reason, you could be investigated for tax evasion.

2. Keeping false records for tax-filing purposes. As a business owner, it’s essential that you keep accurate records of your business transactions for tax purposes. A common tax evasion practice is for companies to maintain two sets of accounting records. One of the records is accurate. While the other record contains documentation to support an inaccurate tax return. The amount of income that’s reported on your company’s financial statements and your tax forms must be the same.

3. Claiming deductions that aren’t applicable to you or your business. While it’s true that you should take advantage of tax deductions, it’s illegal for you to use deductions that you aren’t qualified to receive. This includes deductions for charitable contributions, childcare, business expenses and travel.

4. Using personal expenses to claim as business expenses. IRS regulations are clear when it comes to drawing the line between personal and business expenses. It’s an unlawful practice that the organization doesn’t tolerate. If you have property that you use for business purposes, it’s important to maintain accurate records in case of an audit.

5. Transferring and hiding assets. This includes hiding money in foreign bank accounts or allocating money to a relative who earns less money.

How to handle a tax evasion investigation
During the past two decades, the IRS has lost about $3.4 trillion in revenue from tax evasion. The investigators at the IRS work diligently to recover money that is due to the federal government.

If you’re facing a tax evasion investigation by the IRS, you must cooperate with the investigators. However, you shouldn’t face the IRS alone.

There are over 74,000 pages of information in the federal tax code. This can make it challenging for you to represent yourself. An experienced Montgomery County tax evasion lawyer can be your greatest defense against tax evasion allegations.

Since tax evasion investigators must be able to prove that you voluntarily committed tax evasion, there are several ways our Montgomery County tax evasion lawyers can defend you against from the following consequences of tax evasion – monetary penalties, prosecutions, criminal charges and restitution.

Common tax evasion defenses include:
1. You made an error on your tax return that wasn’t done to intentionally defraud the government.
2. The IRS has insufficient evidence to prove that you willfully committed tax evasion.
3. The statute of limitations on your investigation has expired.
4. Tax evasion was committed due to entrapment.

Consult with a Montgomery County tax evasion lawyer
When you speak with one of our Montgomery County tax evasion lawyers, we’ll determine the course of action to take to defend you against tax evasion. Whether your case is simple or complex, our tax evasion attorneys can assist you. If you would like to meet with one of our Montgomery County tax evasion lawyers, contact us.

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