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Montgomery County Social Security Fraud Lawyers

In Montgomery County, fraudulent use of the federal social security system is a crime. In fact, it’s a serious crime with steep penalties. Social security involves the Social Security Administration (SSA) sending payments to you eligible recipients. These monthly payments vary because they are based on certain factors such as income and amount of money paid into the system.
Unfortunately, people know that SSA is committed to detecting fraud in the program. They may use this fact to contact the SSA to tell them that you or your loved one is committing social security fraud. This means that you can be innocent of social security fraud and be charged with the crime.
Remember, you or your loved one (if they are charged) are not convicted of Social Security fraud. You may be accused or even charged, but not convicted. This means the time is now to find the right Montgomery County Social Security lawyer to represent you. While you search, the following information is what you need to know about Social Security fraud in Pennsylvania.

Social Security Fraud in Montgomery County

Social security fraud is defined as trying to deceive the federal agency regarding eligible requirements, income or a social security account. The federal statute 42 U.S.C. Section 408 makes it illegal to deceive or defraud the SSA regarding the social security program. Social security typically arises because a person is accused of not providing information or falsifying information to obtain benefits.

Falsifying information or failing to provide correct information can occur in a variety of ways. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

1. Failure to disclose assets or income to obtain Social Security benefits
2. Obtaining a Social Security number to obtain Social Security payments
3. Committing any type of fraud to obtain Social Security benefits
4. Cashing Social Security checks of a deceased individual. This means the individual receiving Social Security checks dies. However, their payee or someone continues to collect and cash the checks. SSA must be notified about the individual’s death and any checks returned to the program.

Another reason a person can be accused of Social Security fraud is for selling or buying Social Security numbers. This is done to provide the Social Security numbers to people who aren’t eligible to have one, or who want to commit identity theft. Thus, you don’t have to actually accept or cash a Social Security check to be charged with this type of fraud.

Punishment for Montgomery Social Security Fraud
Social Security fraud has serious consequences. If you convicted, you may have to repay restitution to the government. This mean repaying the SSA all the back pay you allegedly took. You may also pay a large fine. In fact, the fine for Social Security fraud conviction is up to $250,000. Remember, that is separate from paying restitution.

You or your loved also face federal prison time. Federal prison time is not the same as going to Montgomery County jail or state prison. You or your loved one faces 10 years in federal prison if the fraud involved providing false or misleading information. However, if you are accused of selling Social Security numbers, you face at least two decades in federal prison.

Contact Our Law Firm for Help with Your Montgomery County

You or your loved one has been accused of defrauding the SSA. This is not the time to hope for the best. Federal prosecutors are tough. They like to make examples out of those accused of Social Security fraud to deter others from doing the same thing.
Do not let yourself become an example federal prosecutors can use to teach other people a lesson about Social Security fraud. Contact us about your case. We will work hard to protect your constitutional rights while building a strong, tough defense for you. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure we prove your innocence, get the charge dropped or dismissed. Contact us today for help.

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