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Montgomery County Racketeering Lawyers

If you’re facing racketeering charges in Montgomery County, our Montgomery County racketeering lawyers can help you defend against the claim. Even though the United States has strong federal laws that prohibit racketeering, racketeering is also illegal under Pennsylvania law. If you face federal or state charges, our racketeering lawyers in Montgomery County can help you fight the charges and minimize the disruption in your life.

Working with our Montgomery County racketeering lawyers

When you work with our experienced legal team, we begin by evaluating the charges against you. You may face state or federal charges. You must understand which government agency is bringing the charges and what the specifics of the charge are so that you can mount the appropriate defense. All racketeering charges are serious charges, and your liberty and property may be at risk. Fortunately, our team of legal professionals for racketeering charges can help.

Racketeering charges in Montgomery County

Racketeering is illegal in Pennsylvania based on Pennsylvania law Title 18, section 911. The law covers corrupt organizations. The law prohibits several different types of activities including reinvesting funds received through racketeering activity. It’s also illegal for a person to acquire or maintain property by racketeering. Conspiracy to commit racketeering is also prohibited by Pennsylvania law.

Types of Montgomery County racketeering charges

Racketeering charges are meant to prohibit profiting from organized crime. Any way that criminal activity may be pursued through organized activity, it might amount to racketeering under Pennsylvania law. Organized drug trafficking and sales may be racketeering activity. Using organized business or organized activity to collect debts in an unlawful manner or collect unlawful debts may also qualify as racketeering. Illegal gaming activities, extortion, bribery, wire fraud and money laundering can all qualify as racketeering.

Defenses to racketeering in Montgomery County

If you’re facing a charge of racketeering in Montgomery County, there are many defenses that may be available to you. The state must prove that you engaged in a pattern of illegal activity through a criminal organization. You may defend against the charges on the basis that you did not engage in any pattern or that no business is involved in the activity. You might claim that you acted under duress because of threats from others or that you were entrapped by law enforcement. You might claim that you’re an unknowing employee of the legitimate business operation and you have no knowledge of illegal activities. The state has a high burden of proof in order to prove the charges against you, but it’s important to build the evidence in your favor to present a prepared, strong defense.

Penalties for racketeering in Montgomery County

Racketeering in Montgomery County is a first-degree felony. If you’re convicted, the court may sentence you up to 20 years in prison. In addition, the court may impose a fine of $25,000 or twice the amount that they believe you have profited from the illegal scheme. The court may also order you divest from the illegal enterprise.

Fighting your racketeering charges with Montgomery County lawyers

How you respond to the charges against you can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Witnesses, business records and your own testimony can all be critical to defending the charges against you. Because the state has so much to gain financially, they sometimes attack legitimate businesses that are trying to operate honestly. Clouded judgment can lead law enforcement officers to act quickly instead of carefully investigating in order to find out the truth.

Contact our Montgomery County racketeering lawyers

Are you facing charges of racketeering? Are you concerned about false accusations or wondering how to protect your business? Do you need to explore all defenses for racketeering? Our team of experienced legal professionals believes in an aggressive defense for anyone facing a criminal charge in Montgomery County. Contact us to discuss your case and begin building your defenses immediately.

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