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Montgomery County Possession Of Drugs Lawyers

Although more communities are taking steps to decriminalize drug possession than ever before, possession of drugs remains illegal in Montgomery County. If you’re charged with possessing drugs in Montgomery County, you face many types of punishment including incarceration, loss of property and fines. A drug charge can keep you from getting a job or even cost you a professional license. Fortunately, an experienced team of Montgomery County possession of drugs lawyers can help you defend yourself and fight the charges against you.

Lawyers for Montgomery County possessions of drugs offenses

Your defense for a possession of drugs charge in Montgomery County begins right away. You must be brought before a judge in a short period of time. You have the right to bond in most cases. It’s important to demand that law enforcement preserves the evidence. You might ask to inspect the evidence or secure an independent test. When you appear before the judge, they must inform you of the charges against you. An experienced attorney can help you through the arraignment process to make it as manageable as possible.

Defenses for drug possession charges in Montgomery County

Drug possession charges in Montgomery County are based on state law. Possession of a small amount of marijuana for non-medical purposes, or paraphernalia, like a 510 thread battery, is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine. Even though 30 days may not seem significant, any time in jail can seriously disrupt your work and your personal life. In addition, the conviction may stay on your record where other people can find it. You don’t know what the future might bring, and you don’t want a record for simple drug possession to stand in your way.

For other types of drugs, the possible penalties are much more serious than they are for marijuana. If you possess a large quantity of the drug, your maximum penalty may be greater. If you have prior convictions for possessing a drug, your maximum penalty may be greater than if this is your first offense.

When you’re facing a possession of drugs charge, there are many defenses you may assert. You can assert every defense that applies to you. For example, you might defend your case on the grounds that you didn’t know that you had drugs. If a friend stuffs the drugs into your property because they see the police coming, you’re not in possession of the drugs. If you’re driving a vehicle and your friend stows the drugs in the back seat pocket, you may not be in possession of the drugs. Proving possession is showing that you’re in charge of the drugs. The drugs must be in your control in order for you to be guilty of drug possession.

How our Montgomery County possession of drugs lawyers can help

The goal in defending your possession of drugs charges in Montgomery County is to help you reach the best possible outcome for the charges. You might take your case to trial. You might bring a preliminary motion to suppress evidence to ask the court to rule on evidence that might make it difficult for the state to pursue the charges. In some cases, you might benefit from participation in a drug court program. If you qualify, participation in drug court can be a way to reduce your charges significantly in exchange for participation in an intensive, interactive probation program run through the courts.

The purpose of having experienced drug possession lawyers by your side is to help you explore all of the options. There are pros and cons to each course of action. There are often compelling reasons to take your case to trial. There are also often good reasons to accept a plea resolution or participate in a drug court program. You can rely on our experienced attorneys for guidance and direction as you respond to this situation and move past it as quickly as possible.

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