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Montgomery County IRS Fraud Lawyers

If there is one agency that you do not want to face alone, it is the IRS. Our IRS fraud lawyers are here to help you through the process and prepare the compelling defense that you deserve.

Consequences of IRS Fraud

In the state of Pennsylvania, IRS fraud can include both federal and state charges. In most cases, these charges are related to either not filing your taxes or to filing them with false information. In addition, people who purposely do not pay their taxes can be charged with this crime.

The IRS and the State of Pennsylvania look for specific red flags. Any of these issues could lead to a charge of IRS fraud:

  • Giving an inaccurate statement of income
  • Not having the right records
  • Failing to report assets such as bank accounts
  • Dealing in cash excessively
  • Failure to make payments on time
  • Refusing to cooperate with investigators and other authorities
  • Paying employees under the table

People also may be accused of this crime after an anonymous person reports them. The federal government has a “whistleblower law” that allows anonymous people to bring accusations of tax fraud. These accusations are taken very seriously and often investigated.

Many of the behaviors that the IRS classifies as fraud can be committed innocently. In order to get a conviction, the IRS will need to prove that you intended to withhold tax money from them. An experienced lawyer can help you to build a defense against these serious accusations.

What to Expect in an IRS Investigation

The IRS will usually send letters and other communications if they suspect that you are committing fraud. It is important to get a lawyer immediately. Following these communications, there may be an audit and other investigations. Our tax attorneys will ensure that these investigations happen in a way that is legal and that respects your Constitutional rights.

If you have a business, they may comb through your records in a way that makes it impossible to run your business. They will probably ask for a variety of documents. You will be subject to interviews and depositions in which they will try to trick you into admitting wrongdoing. It is very important not to attend these interviews alone, but rather with an experienced attorney.

There can be a variety of penalties for tax fraud. The IRS will demand repayment of any funds they feel that you withheld, along with interest and penalties for late payment. In addition, they can argue for fines and even prison time if the infraction was particularly egregious. In some cases there can be civil penalties.

The IRS will also pass information from their investigation to state authorities. You may be charged with violating Pennsylvania tax code as well. When applicable, you may also face related charges including forgery, embezzlement, falsifying documents, and more.

How Montgomery County IRS Fraud Lawyers Can Help

There are several ways that our Montgomery County IRS fraud lawyers can help. We will ensure that the government investigation is conducted according to established laws and that your rights are protected at every step. We will help you to answer questions thoughtfully so your words are not misconstrued. We also have access to forensic accountants, who can determine what happened and show that you did not intentionally break the law.

The IRS has an enormous legal team dedicated to ensuring you get the harshest penalties possible. You need experienced attorneys who are on your side. For more information and a review of your case, contact our offices today to schedule your free consultation.

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