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Montgomery County Internet Fraud Lawyers

Internet fraud covers a broad range of crimes from impersonating another person to stealing money from an online bank or brokerage account. Those who are accused of internet fraud could face negative consequences on a legal, professional and personal level. It may be in a person’s best interest to hire an attorney who may be able to help a person obtain a favorable outcome in their case.

The Potential Legal Penalties for Internet Fraud

The penalties for internet fraud could include jail or prison time and a fine. It is also possible that an individual could lose the right to use a computer or any other device that has an internet connection. Those who commit financial fraud may be barred from running a company either temporarily or permanently. Prison sentences can last for up to 10 years or longer for each charge a person is convicted of.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An attorney may be able to help an individual create a defense to the charge such as that there was no intent to commit fraud. Other defenses may include asserting that an individual was coerced or compelled to take an illegal action by another person. These arguments may be supported by evidence such as testimony by the defendant or email exchanges between the defendant and his or her superiors.

If these arguments are successful, it may result in a charge being dropped or reduced. This may mean that you don’t have to spend time in jail or lose a professional license. It could also mean that you don’t have to pay a fine or face or penalties. In some cases, it may be possible to have a charge sealed or fully expunged. If that happens, no one will be able to find out about the charge during a background check.

Legal Counsel Could Get Evidence Suppressed

To convict you of an internet fraud charge, there must be evidence showing that a computer or similar device was used to commit a crime. However, authorities are limited in how they can collect evidence against you. If they entrap you, don’t have a warrant to seize evidence or otherwise act in an illegal manner, evidence could be suppressed. This means that a jury will not have the ability to see or evaluate information that could imply that you committed a crime. That may help create leverage for a plea deal or to get the case dropped altogether.

You Have the Right to Appeal a Conviction

In the event that you are convicted, it may be possible to appeal the decision that a jury made. There are many valid reasons why a case can be appealed. For instance, you could argue that the judge made an inappropriate ruling or that the jurors were shown evidence that was irrelevant to the case. You could also choose to argue that the conviction was unjust because the prosecution didn’t prove all the elements needed to prove a person guilty of the charge.

Regardless of why you choose to appeal, your attorney will be able to help you through the process. It may even be possible for an attorney to help secure your release as the appeals process continues. However, it is likely that you will be taken into and kept in custody after the jury has made their decision.

If you are charged with an internet crime, it is critical that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. An attorney may be willing to consult with you for free or for a small fee. Case evaluations may take place over the phone or online for your convenience.

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