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Montgomery County Intent to Distribute Lawyers

An intent to distribute charge is a charge related to selling or sharing an illegal drug. Intent to distribute is a more serious charge than possession of drugs because with intent to distribute charges, you’re charged with not only possessing the drug but also with wanting to transfer the drug to others. Intent to deliver is often a serious felony charge. Depending on the type of drug, you may face up to eight years in prison. Our Montgomery County intent to distribute lawyers can help you if you’re facing charges of intent to distribute.

Lawyers for Montgomery County intent to distribute charges

Intent to distribute charges have several elements. The police must prove each step in the case in order for you to be guilty of the crime. For possession with intent to distribute, the police must first prove that you’re in possessionof the drug in question. It’s not enough to satisfy the legal requirements just to be near the drugs. The drugs must be in your control. If the drugs are just near you in a vehicle or in a bag, they may not be in your possession.

In addition, the police must prove that the substance you’re possessing is illegal drugs. It’s up to them to test the sample in a way that’s verifiable. The police must carefully guard the evidence and test it using sound testing procedures. Our Montgomery County intent to distribute lawyers carefully review the process that law enforcement uses to test the substance and guard the evidence in your case. If they make errors, we’re prepared to ask the court to throw out the evidence or instruct the jury appropriately about the police errors.

Intent to distribute in Montgomery County

Law enforcement must show that you intended to distribute the drugs that they claim you possess. They might do that in many ways including by showing that you had elements that are commonly used to sell drugs like a scale or plastic bags. They might try to catch you in the act. Law enforcement might claim that the quantity of drugs that you have is too much for personal use. Refuting the state’s claim of your intent to distribute can be one way to fight back against the charges against you.

Fighting intent to distribute charges in Montgomery County

You should begin working with an experienced Montgomery County intent to distribute lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. Your attorney begins by demanding evidence from law enforcement. Then, they conduct their own investigation in order to determine where law enforcement made errors. Witnesses, law enforcement cameras and even inspection of the evidence can all shed valuable light on the details of your case.

There are things that your attorney can do before your trial date arrives in order to advance your case. You may bring preliminary motions to the court in order to challenge the evidence in your case. A motion to suppress evidence may be appropriate if the police violate your constitutional rights. If the police stop you or pull your vehicle over without having the constitutional grounds to do so, the judge may throw out the evidence that the state wants to use against you. You might also challenge witnesses or and demand discovery if the state isn’t forthcoming during your investigation. Securing a reasonable amount of bond can also help you in the interim period until your case resolves.

Defense lawyers for intent to distribute charges in Montgomery County

If you’re facing charges of possession with the intent to distribute drugs in Montgomery County, you’re not alone. Our experienced intent to distribute lawyers in Montgomery County can help you plan your defense and make the best possible decisions in your case. Our team works to build your case for trial, negotiate favorable plea resolutions and challenge the state’s evidence. When you need skilled, determined lawyers in Montgomery County, we’re here to fight for you.

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