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Montgomery County Immigration Fraud Lawyers

Immigration fraud is a serious crime that can lead to deportation, prison time, and other harsh penalties. If you or a loved one is facing this charge, your freedom depends on getting an experienced lawyer immediately.

What Constitutes Immigration Fraud?

Immigration fraud is any attempt to be dishonest with the immigration system, whether by giving false information, supplying forged documents, or similar crimes. In addition, people who run businesses supplying false documents or offering immigration help that they do not intend to deliver can be charged with this crime.

Gaining residency and/or citizenship in the United States is a complex process that can take many years. It is also very expensive. Failing to complete even a small part of the process can lead to deportation and other charges. As a result, many immigrants may be tempted to supply fake documents, engage in sham marriages, or otherwise hasten the process. While this is understandable, it is illegal and can lead to harsh penalties if discovered.

In addition, many people who are citizens become caught up in immigration fraud when they try to help immigrants through the process. Maybe you gave someone forged documents that they needed for their case. Perhaps you offered to marry someone or otherwise took legal action to help them remain in the country. Many of the people accused of immigration fraud are not hardened criminals but rather good people in a difficult position.

However, there are many ways to defend yourself against these charges. The first step is to find a lawyer who is experienced in immigration law.

Harsh Penalties for Immigration Offenses

There is a great deal at stake in immigration fraud allegations and related offenses. If convicted, you face fines and prison time. In addition, these accusations can lead to being deported. In most cases, the person who is deported may be barred from entering the United States or applying for residency for a period of several years or even indefinitely.

Unfortunately, prosecutors will often argue for the harshest possible penalties and punishments. This can mean breaking up families and losing the future that you worked for. You need a skilled and compassionate lawyer who will advocate for you and help you to get back on the path to your American dream.

An Advocate on Your Side

There are several ways that we can help you to make a winning defense. We can get the courts to hear your side and understand that you did not intend to be dishonest. This is important because prosecutors have to prove intent in order to prove fraud. In some cases, we may be able to argue successfully that you deserve refugee or asylum status, which is an easier and more lenient path to citizenship.

In many cases, an experienced lawyer can convince courts to let the accused out on bail. Prosecutors often will drop the entire case when this happens. Even if they do not, this gives you the chance to work, spend meaningful time with your family, and show that you are the kind of person we want in the United States.

Although it is difficult to defend someone against the accusation of a federal crime like immigration fraud, we have done so successfully for many people just like you. We understand what arguments can help your case to succeed. Our experience and knowledge will give you the best possible chance at a bright future.

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