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Delaware County Possession of Steroids Lawyers

Delaware County Possession of Steroids Lawyers
Anabolic steroids are becoming increasingly popular. Many people use these substances to help them to build muscle and to feel more masculine. They often can be bought easily in gyms and locker rooms.

Despite the commonplace nature of these substances, they are actually highly illegal. Anabolic steroids are considered Schedule III controlled substances, similar to street drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. Many people who use them do not realize that they can have extreme legal consequences.

Possessing even a small amount of these substances can lead to jail time and other harsh punishment. However, there are ways to fight the charges with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Have You Been Charged With Possession of Steroids?

Steroids are very easy to find in gyms. Many men, especially those in the health and weight-lifting scene, share these substances. They are often identical to hormones made in the male body, so people do not see them as illegal.

Possessing even a small amount of these substances is a misdemeanor that can lead to a $1000 fine, one year of prison, and loss of licenses for driving and professional activities. Every subsequent offense carries a progressively harsher penalty.

If you had more than a tiny amount, you may be charged with a crime known as “possession with intent to deliver” or PWID. This crime is basically an allegation of drug dealing, which is an extremely serious crime and a felony. You may be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fines of up to $15,000. In addition, this charge may be subject to federal minimum sentencing guidelines, making it difficult to avoid a long jail term.

Many people who use steroids are not hardened criminals or addicts. They are simply men trying to build more muscle and boost their self-image. A lot of good, law-abiding people get caught up in steroids and end up charged with felony possession. We understand that people charged with this crime deserve expert representation and to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Fighting the Charges

If you have been charged with possession of steroids, it is important to get expert legal help immediately. Our firm has several Delaware County possession of steroids lawyers who are experienced in fighting these charges.

There are several ways to defend yourself against these allegations. Some people have successfully argued that they were unaware that they had steroids and instead thought that these were merely a natural muscle-building supplement. If the police did not respect your Constitutional rights in collecting evidence, a lawyer may be able to get that evidence thrown out.

In other cases, an experienced lawyer can get the charges reduced to less serious ones that do not involve jail time and are not subject to federal minimum sentencing laws.

Regardless of your circumstances, we are here to help you. No one should spend time in prison because they were trying to build muscle and achieve a healthier physique.

Call For Your Free Consultation

If you have been charged with this crime, it can be difficult to decide how to move forward. It is important to call a lawyer immediately. We can help you to build a case that will give you the best possible chance of beating the charges. We understand that it is very easy for good people to become caught up in steroid use because they are so common in gyms in Delaware County. Our expert lawyers will review your case and give you the advice you need.

Call today to find out how our Delaware County Possession of Steroids Lawyers can help you at this difficult time.

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