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Delaware County Possessing Child Pornography Lawyers

If you are caught possessing child pornography in Delaware County or in other areas across the country, then you face serious charges. You are often in the spotlight in the eyes of law enforcement and other types of officers across the board. There are times that you’ll be looked at by media sources who discover that you’re in possession of child pornography. A skilled attorney would be beneficial in this situation if you are charged with this crime as you could face several years in prison and fines. Keep in mind that your criminal background will be examined as well as the circumstances surrounding the possession of pornography. If you are charged without any kind of evidence of possessing the pornography in the past, then your attorney might be able to use a defense that you didn’t know that the material was on your device.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to possess this kind of pornography. It’s across media sites as there are numerous ways to view videos and store files on everything from your phone to your video game console. When the images that you see online are viewed by officers and they have evidence that you have possessed this information, then you will likely be charged in a short time. However, you could possess child pornography without being aware of what you’re doing. You could see a video or a picture of someone online and think that the person is of legal age or even be told by the person that they are of legal age. Thinking that you’re doing nothing wrong, you make further contact and keep images and videos on your device. However, that person turns out to be under the age of 18, which means that you’re now in possession of child pornography. This would mean that you can be charged with the crime. An attorney can work to present evidence on your behalf to try to show that you were under the assumption that the person was over 18 instead of under the legal age.

Aside from the criminal charges that you will face, you’ll likely be humiliated by others once they learn about your actions. If you are sentenced to spend time in jail, then you will likely be faced with persecution from some of the other inmates, which is why you need to carefully examine the information that you view online. You can be charged with child pornography if you have books, magazines, other types of literature, videos, or websites saved on your computer or electronic devices that depict children in a sexual manner.

Even if you’re charged with a first offense, it’s considered a felony. A second offense is considered a felony in the second degree. Even if you can prove that you thought the child was actually an adult, it’s often not a defense that will stand up in court unless there is concrete proof behind your actions. Keep in mind that an officer isn’t the only person who can view your files. An employer can look at them as well as a technician who performs computer repairs. You can be charged with taking pictures of children under the age of 18 as they are committing a sexual act or performing in a sexual nature. It’s also illegal to distribute these materials to other people, which is sometimes how officers are able to find out that you are in possession because they are the people you sell the materials to as they often work undercover. As though this crime isn’t harsh enough as it is, you will likely be charged with a federal offense as the crime is often charged along these lines.

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