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Delaware County IRS Fraud Lawyers

It is said that two things in life are certain. One of them is death. The other is taxes. Taxes form the foundation of any civil society. At the same time, tax laws can be incredibly complicated. Many Americans need to pay federal income taxes. Some Americans may need to pay state taxes and city taxes. Homeowners must pay property taxes. People who run corporations need to be mindful of the fact that they face certain tax liabilities both in the United States and any place they operate abroad. Taxes are a fact of life. They help fund things that everyone needs including roads, bridges, the school system and making sure that our air is clean and the water is safe to drink. At the same time, tax systems can be very complicated and confusing. It is possible to make all sorts of inadvertent mistakes even when filing largely correctly.

Law Enforcement

By law, all taxes that are owed must be paid. If people do not pay taxes they owe, the IRS can impose very severe penalties. A person may be heavily fined. The same is true of those who run a corporation and fail to pay the necessary corporate taxes. The United States government may also choose to file criminal charges against people who do file the necessary taxes. People may even be sentenced to a prison term of up to five years for this offense.

Law enforcement officials are very careful about the kinds of taxes that people owe and the kinds of issues that may arise when people do not pay them. Officials recognize two potential issues that may arise in the course of any potential investigation. People who make mistakes accidentally while filing taxes cannot be held liable. For example, if you accidentally make a mistake when adding up columns of numbers, this may not be considered a mistake or tax fraud under under law. The same is true of people who get the IRS address wrong or do not enclose certain required documents.

If someone prepares tax documents for another person, that person can be charged if they deliberately intend to defraud the government. However, the person who trusts the accountant who acts of their behalf cannot be charged unless there is enough evidence to indicate that the person acted on their behalf during this process. IRS officials receive a great deal of training before entering the profession. They can determine if there’s an obvious issue or if something was done by mistake.

In the Event of a Problem

In the event of a problem, the IRS can offer several venues for resolution. The person may be allowed to pay back the taxes they owe. However, vast sums of interest can be added to the original capital. For example, if officials determine the fraud took place three years, they can ask the person or company to pay back the original funds and additional money to the IRS. Interest may add up rapidly and make it very hard for the person to remain solvent or the company to stay in business.

An investigation can take a lot of time. The IRS can look through previous tax records and investigate the person or business owner’s connections and associates as well in order to determine if there was an effort to defraud the American government. This is why anyone who may be facing any sort of tax issue is best served by working closely with Delaware Country IRS fraud lawyers. Experienced lawyers understand how the IRS operates. They know what kind of procedures IRS officials are likely to follow in the event that fraud is suspected. This is where they can offer the kind of advice that allows anyone in these circumstances to get ideal legal counsel. Effective legal counsel can help the person muster up an effective defense and move past this issue.

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