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Delaware County DUI Lawyers

DUIs are no little charges. Like other states, Pennsylvania treats DUIs are serious offenses, and if you’re arrested for a DUI in Delaware County and ultimately convicted of it, then the consequences can be severe and long-lasting. To make matter worse, there are certain factors that can aggravate the charges, which means that if you’re convicted, you’ll be facing even stricter penalties than if you were convicted of a regular DUI in the state.


Some of the penalties for a DUI include incarceration, fines, fees, license suspension or revocation and more. You’ll usually have to spend at least 24 or 48 hours in jail, and until your case is resolved, your license will automatically be suspended by the DMV. If you had a child in the car with you when the incident occurred or if your BAC was above a certain percentage, then the charges could be amplified.

Moreover, if this isn’t your first rodeo with DUI charges, then they’ll most likely be aggravated too. Pennsylvania seeks to punish habitual or repeat DUI offenders more harshly. Not only might you have to pay higher fees and do more jail time, but you could also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle for six months or a year upon getting your driver’s license back.

Getting your driving privileges reinstated after a DUI can be difficult too. You oftentimes have to jump through hoops to get the DMV to lift the ignition interlock requirement if you were ordered to have an IID installed on your vehicle. You’ll also have to pay a hefty reinstatement, and if you need to drive your vehicle before your court date, you’ll have to apply for a hardship or restricted license that lets you drive it in the meantime until the court convicts you or not.

Other Repercussions

Of course, there are other repercussions of DUIs too. In addition to the legal difficulties you’ll face, a DUI could also affect your job. For instance, if you drive for a living, then you could be fired, and even if you don’t, you’ll likely have to miss work days when you go to court dates, and some employers reserve the right to fire you for getting in trouble with the law.

Even if you don’t have a job and are looking for one, a DUI could negatively impact your job search. You’re required to report any arrests you’ve had within the past few years when you apply for a job, and not writing them down won’t do any good since most employers will run a background check and find out anyway. Explaining away a DUI can be difficult and could hinder you from getting the job.

Moreover, it could also cause you to have trouble in your relationships. You might feel judgement from family, friends and the outside world because of your DUI, and if you injured anybody in the crash, you could also be facing a civil lawsuit from the injured party suing you for the cost of medical expenses and damages.

You Need a DUI Lawyer

You should never enter the courtroom without legal representation, and this is especially so when you’ve been charged with a DUI. A DUI is something that has severe and lasting consequences, so you’ll want to fight the charges to the best of your ability. Delaware County DUI lawyers can evaluate the details surrounding your case to see if they can, in the best case scenario, get the charges dropped or, in the worst case scenario, mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

For instance, if your lawyer find that you weren’t lawfully pulled over in the first place, then the evidence could be ruled inadmissible, which could let you off the hook. In cases where the evidence does prove that you were indeed driving under the influence, a lawyer has the connections and negotiation skills to negotiate the best plea deal for you to secure you lesser penalties.

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