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Chester county Possession Of Drugs Lawyers

A Chester County drug possession charge can seriously impact your life. If you face a charge in Chester County for possession of drugs, you risk serving time in jail, steep fines, loss of property and even loss of your driver’s license. There are also other consequences that can come from a conviction for possession of drugs like the inability to get a job or even the inability to volunteer at your child’s school. Fortunately, when you face a drug possession charge, our Chester County possession of drugs lawyers can help you respond to the charges and fight for your best interests.

Chester County lawyers for possession of drugs

When you’re facing a charge of possession of drugs, it’s important to carefully examine the charges against you. The penalties may vary based on the amount that you possess, the type of drug you’re accused of possessing and even your criminal history. For example, if you’re accused of simple possession of marijuana, you may face only up to 30 days in jail. Offenses for possession of other drugs like heroin and cocaine are much more serious. You face increasing fines and exposure to jail time as the amounts that you possess are larger. You might also face a charge of possession with intent to deliver drugs, and that offense can bring significant jail time. Even though possession of drugs charges in Chester County is a serious offense, the state has a high burden to prove the charges against you, and there are many defenses that may be viable in your case.

Chester County drug possession lawyers

Our Chester County drug possession lawyers help you explore all possibilities to attack the charges against you. The fact that you are charged with a crime doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of the crime. The police have the power to arrest you, but it’s up to the jury to decide if you’re guilty of the charges. The police have to bring the evidence and present it to the jury. It’s your right to demand a jury trial to fight the charges.

A crime has many elements. For the crime of possession of drugs, the police must show the identity of the drug such as magic mushroom, the amount that you had and they must prove that it was in your possession. They should carefully hold the drug in a safe location for the trial. You can question them on the chain of custody in order to question whether they mishandled what they took into evidence. You can challenge them on the way that they tested the drugs or confirmed the quantity of the drugs.

Another important defense to the charge of possession of drugs is the defense that you didn’t actually possess the drugs. It can be easy for the police to try to pin the drugs on the closest person, but it’s more complicated than that. The police must show that the drugs are in your possession and control. If the police don’t have the evidence against you, it’s your right to ask the jury to return a verdict of not guilty in your case.

Fighting drug possession charges in Chester County

One possibility for defending your drug possession charge is participation in a drug court program. A drug court program is a program that uses intense, supervised probation combined with treatment and intervention to help drug offenders stay out of jail and make changes in order to avoid reoffense. If you qualify to participate in recovery court, you may receive a favorable plea offer in exchange for your participation in the program. If you qualify and you choose to participate, drug court can be a good way to lessen the penalties of your charges and receive support from the court itself as you participate in this intense, probationary program. You may qualify to participate in this program in Chester County. Drug court is only one of the many possible avenues that you should explore with your Chester county possession of drugs lawyers.

Chester County Possession of Heroin Lawyers

A dangerous drug and one that is highly accessible in Chester County is heroin. This is a drug that is classified as a Schedule I. If you’re charged with heroin possession, then you could face a severe punishment allowed by Chester County courts.

If you are found to be in possession of heroin and you don’t have a criminal background or you have only a small amount of the drug on you at the time, you can still be sentenced to spend up to a year in prison. You could also have to pay hefty fines up to $5,000. As the number of offenses that you have relating to heroin possession increases, the number of years that you could be sentenced to spend in jail will increase as well. An example would be if you were charged with a third offense. You could be sentenced to spend up to three years in prison. Keep in mind that heroin doesn’t have to be found on your person for you to be convicted. It could be a bag that you have with you or in your vehicle. You can also be charged with heroin possession if the drug is in your home.

After being charged with heroin possession, you should avoid making any kind of statement to the arresting officer that could be held against you in court. An attorney will examine the evidence about the charges and offer suggestions about the best way to handle the incident. If you know that the heroin belonged to another person, then you could speak with the attorney to try to make a deal with the prosecution. Your safety will be kept in mind if you decide to alert the prosecution about the identity of the person who possessed the heroin. Anything that you say to the arresting officer before you talk to your attorney can be used against you and can be twisted so that it’s presented in a different way in court.

Once you talk to your attorney, all of the facts surrounding the charges will be reviewed to determine if there was probable cause in place when the heroin was found. An example would be if you were stopped by an officer while you were driving. Your attorney will look into whether there was probable cause for the officer to search your vehicle before finding the drug. Your attorney will also look at the facts involving how and where the heroin was found on your person or near your person. If there were other people in the vehicle, in your home, or in close proximity to where the heroin was found at the time you were arrested, then your attorney can work to determine how the other people played a part. It’s possible to use a defense that the drugs weren’t yours, especially if you can provide any kind of proof to your attorney that they were not in your direct possession.

If you know that the drugs were yours and that you have a problem with being addicted to heroin, then your attorney could approach the court to try to arrange a plea deal that would involve going to rehab. However, you would need to be willing to go to rehab so that you wouldn’t spend time in jail. You would also have to successfully complete the stay in rehab as well as any other requirements, such as addiction classes or taking and passing drug tests for a certain period of time. The laws that are associated with heroin possession usually aren’t very flexible, which is why an attorney would be the best option that you have if you’re arrested and charged.

Chester County Possession of Steroids Lawyers

In the United States, being fit is a badge of honor. Many people go to great lengths to develop their athletic skills and build strong muscles.

As a result of this desire to obtain peak performance in fitness, over 6 million people in the United States use steroids. Whether purchased online or from a friend, the reality is steroids are banned substances.

Using steroids can have devastating effects on the body. The side effects of steroids include paranoia, impaired judgment, high blood pressure and liver problems. For that reason, steroids have been categorized as controlled substances in the United States.

If you’re caught buying or selling steroids, you can be fined or imprisoned. Here’s what you need to know about the penalties associated with buying and selling steroids.

1. Possession of steroids or exchanging steroids with a friend or acquaintance is against the law. Common types of illegal steroids include Anavar, Halotestin, Primobolan and Anadrol.

2. Regardless of the amount of steroids in your possession, you could face charges. Depending on the amount, the first offense could cost you at least $1,000 in fines and a maximum of a year in prison.

3. If you sell or intend to sell steroids, you could be charged with a felony offense. The consequences of a possession of steroids felony include a fine of $15,000 and a maximum of 5 years in prison.

4. If police or investigators have a reason to believe that you’re distributing steroids, they could obtain a search warrant of your property. This warrant would provide police with the authority to search your house or gym locker.

Steps to take after you’ve been arrested for possession of steroids
After you’ve been arrested for possession of steroids, you have the right to obtain a Chester County possession of steroids lawyer. Don’t waive this right and make statements to any person that can be held against you in a court of law.

Unless you have your Chester County possession of steroids attorney in your presence, you shouldn’t talk to law enforcement officers or prosecutors. You have every right to calmly refuse to engage in a discussion until you’ve obtained a lawyer.

Getting arrested for any crime is serious. This is especially true if you’ve been charged with a felony possession of steroids.

Regardless of the pending charges, you’ll need a Chester County possession of steroids lawyer by your side. An experienced lawyer can mean the difference between your freedom and serving jail time.

When it comes to steroids possession cases, justice moves swiftly. Contact our Chester County possession of steroids lawyers as soon as possible to ensure your rights.

How a Chester County possession of steroids lawyer can help
In the United States legal system, you’re innocent until proven guilty. Even after you’ve been charged with possession of steroids, you still have options.

When you hire a Chester County possession of steroids lawyer, your attorney will review your case to determine the extent of the charges. In addition, your lawyer will review the evidence and find ways to discredit it.

  • If steroids were found in your vehicle, did the officer have probable cause to search your car?
  • Do the prosecutors have definite proof that you intended to sell the steroids?
  • Are the sources of the evidence against you credible?

It can be difficult to be charged with possession of steroids. With an experienced possession of steroids lawyer on your side, you can defend the charges and get the best outcome based on your case’s circumstances.

Chester County Possession of Cocaine Lawyers

Having the right Chester County DUI lawyers representing you can mean the difference between jail time, fines, suspension of your driver’s license and receiving the good word that your case is dismissed. Even if it seems like you have no viable defenses, an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer has training in the law in order to recognize constitutional defenses and problems with the state’s evidence. The experience and determination of your DUI lawyers in Chester County can help you find viable defenses and defend yourself against the charges.

How experienced Chester County DUI lawyers can help

The sooner you begin working on your case with an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer, the more evidencethat you can gather for your defense. There may be dash cameras or body cameras that tell a different story than the officer wrote in the police report. Even a well-intentioned officer may make critical errors in their reporting. Errors can stem from poor training, a lack of sleep, a lack of attention because of prior events during the officer’s shift or unfortunately, because of an officer’s lack of honesty. An experienced attorney for drunk driving offenses in Chester County has the training necessary to spot the issues and prepare your defense.

A DUI charge in Chester County can be based on unlawful bodily alcohol content or based on the use of drugs. In Chester County, the potential punishment for your offense depends on your bodily alcohol content or your prior record of drunk driving offenses. The penalties get progressively more serious if you have prior offenses or if you have a higher bodily alcohol content than the minimum for drunk driving. In addition, an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer can guide you through updates in the law that might impact the possible penalties in your case.

What is DUI in Chester County?

The legal limit in Chester County and all of Pennsylvania is a .08. It’s a misdemeanor to drive while you have a measurable alcohol level of .08 or more. As the driver’s bodily alcohol content increases, the potential penalties increase. Probation and a fine are possible consequences in all Pennslyvania DUI cases. Alcohol education courses can be a part of the sentence. You may also receive a lengthy suspension of your driver’s license.

You can defend against all of the possible consequences of a DUI charge by fully defending against the charges against you. There is no sentencing and no penalty if you’re found not guilty. It’s important to consider all of the possible consequences as you prepare your defense.

There are a number of ways that you can approach your defense. You have a right to a jury trial, and your Chester County DUI lawyers can help you exercise that right. You can also prepare reasons that you might deserve a favorable plea resolution in your case. You might show the state’s attorney where the legal case against you is weak. You might show them that you’re unlikely to reoffend and that you’re taking steps to address any substance abuse issues. You might also raise constitutional issues that call the admissibility of evidence into question.

Working with our Chester County DUI lawyers

Our experienced Chester County DUI lawyers can help you each step of the way. You can rely on our expert guidance to help you build the evidence in your case and choose the best possible path for your defense. Facing DUI charges can be stressful. You can rely on the experience and training of our lawyers to help you respond in an appropriate way. You may be surprised to learn that the right legal representation can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Speaking with an experienced DUI lawyer in Chester County can help you begin today to attack your case from all angles and fight your DUI charges.

Chester County Possession of Cocaine Lawyers

The state of Pennsylvania does not “go easy” on those arrested for cocaine possession. Anyone arrested in Chester County with cocaine on his or her person soon learns how serious the Keystone State takes the violation of its drug laws. If arrested for possession, the accused should contact an experienced, qualified lawyer to mount a proper defense.

What is Cocaine Possession?

Under the law, a person with access to cocaine or other controlled substances has possession of those substances. Possession (simple possession) refers to access to drugs. Possession refers to access to drugs. A person with cocaine in his/her pocket can easily access the drug. The same is true if the drugs were in the trunk of a car. The individual also has access to drugs in, say, a storage facility he/she rents.

The federal Schedule II classification of cocaine makes it illegal to possess without a prescription. Yes, there are prescription forms of cocaine, but this isnt the standard way people acquire or use the drug. Powdered, smokable, and injectable street forms of cocaine are what people usually procure.

Pennsylvania State Law and the Amount of Drugs in Your Possession

In some states, the law looks differently upon someone with a small amount of drugs in his/her pocket than someone with multiple kilos of cocaine in a car’s trunk. Possession of a small amount of cocaine is still a crime, but a large amount isn’t automatically a felony. In Pennsylvania, possession for personal represents a misdemeanor charge. Even someone with a significant amount of cocaine might not face felony charges. Possession with intent to deliver — drug dealing — is a felony regardless of quantity on his/her person. Also, in the state of Pennsylvania, any manufacturing drugs faces felony charges.

Keep in mind, a person may have a large amount of drugs in his/her possession and only intends those drugs for personal use. He/she may still face charges for intent to deliver. A skilled attorney would need to convince a court or jury otherwise.

Penalties for Cocaine Possession in Pennsylvania

The penalties for cocaine possession in Pennsylvania vary depending upon the charges falling under the misdemeanor or felony statutes. Misdemeanor charges come with lesser penalties than a felony. Persons charged with a misdemeanor may find leniency under “first-offender” statutes. A person accused of a felony could face a $250,000 fine and up to 15 years of incarceration.

Federal Law and the Amount of Drugs in Your Possession

Pennsylvania state law might not automatically levy distribution charges against someone carrying a certain amount of drugs, but federal law is different. Possession charges could reach the federal level. A person with a significant amount of cocaine in a vehicle, house, apartment, or other location could be charged with intent to distribute. The penalties for allegedly dealing/distributing large quantities of drugs may be severe.

The Role of a Defense Attorney

A qualified and ethical defense attorney provides the best and most realistic defense strategy. He/she may seek a dismissal of the charges, a reduction in charges, or a not guilty verdict in court. Defenses for drug possession charges take many forms. The attorney may, for example, argue the drugs did not belong to the accused or the police entrapped the defendant. How the attorney approaches the defense will vary from case to case.

With some cases, the attorney might seek a plea arrangement. If found guilty, the attorney could ask for leniency at sentencing. Defending cocaine possession charges in Pennsylvania can prove complicated. For this reason and more, anyone charged with simple possession or intent to deliver should seek out a qualified attorney who understands both state and federal law.

Intent to distribute is a type of drug crime. It means that you possess an illegal drug with the intent to sell or give the drug to someone else. Intent to distribute is another way to say that you tried to traffick drugs. Possessing a drug with the intent to distribute it is a serious offense in Chester County. If you’re facing a charge of intent to distribute, our Chester County intent to distribute lawyers can help you fight the charges.

Working with Chester County intent to distribute lawyers

Although you face the charges in Chester County, all intent to distribute charges are the same throughout Pennsylvania. Even though the elements of the crime might be the same, an experienced lawyer who knows the Chester County court system can help you understand local court procedures and what to expect at your hearings. There may be variations in how certain court appearances are scheduled and how judges rule on certain types of issues that are important. Working with an experienced, local attorney can help you capitalize on these nuances as your prepare your defense.

Defending against the charges of intent to distribute means so much more than simply appearing for your trial. Our Chester County intent to distribute lawyers know that preparing your defense begins from the moment that you’re arrested. Securing a favorable amount of bond with fair bond conditions can ensure that you can stay out of jail and remain able to work and care for your family while you await future proceedings. When we represent you, we set to work quickly to speak with witnesses, review the state’s evidence and challenge areas where the police may have made errors.

Defending against intent to distribute charges in Chester County

The police have to prove that you intended to sell the drugs. In order to prove their case, it’s not enough just to show that you possess a drug. Instead, they must show your motivation to sell the drugs. Their case may be circumstantial. Often, the police want to make an arrest so badly that they don’t thoroughly investigate the entire case by speaking to witnesses, properly weighing the substance or even testing them to determine if they are type of drugs you’re accused of having. The police make errors every day because of carelessness, recklessness and even intentional misconduct.

Intent to distribute drugs in Chester County

Regardless of where you live, you face charges in the location where the offense is alleged to have occurred. Even though intent to distribute means that you had drugs that you intended to sell, the exact possible penalties that you face depends on the type of drugs. A charge of selling marijuana may be less severe than a charge of selling heroin or methamphetamine, for example. However, all intent to distribute charges are serious.

You face significant time in jail or prison. In addition, you face significant financial penalties. You may owe fines to the court. The police may also try to ask you to forfeit property that they think you used to sell drugs. That may include your home, vehicles or other items of personal property. You have a right to contest the forfeiture of assets. It’s important to move quickly in order to assert your rights and fight the seizure of assets.

Fighting intent to deliver drugs charges in Chester County

When you’re facing charges of possession of drugs with intent to deliver in Chester County, you have the right to fight the charges against you. Our lawyers for Chester County intent to deliver charges can help. The defenses that you may use include fighting the fact that you were in possession of the drugs, fighting that you intentionally possessed the drugs, questioning the fact that you knowingly possessed the drugs and constitutional challenges to the state’s gathering of evidence. It’s important not to assume that you don’t have a strong defense. Contact our Chester County lawyers for drug delivery today in order to begin fighting your charges.

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