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Chester county Tax Evasion Lawyers

What Is Tax Evasion?

Tax evasion is the act of intentionally underpaying taxes. If a person engages in fraud while they are doing their taxes, then this can also be classified as tax evasion. It is important to note that making mistakes while doing your taxes is not considered tax evasion. In order for you to be convicted of tax evasion, the Internal Revenue Service has to prove that you intentionally avoided paying taxes or engaged in fraud.

Examples of Tax Evasion

The Internal Revenue Service will typically accuse a person of tax evasion if one of the following things have occurred.

  • Failing to file tax returns
  • Intentionally understating your income
  • Concealing all of your taxable assets
  • Engaging in fraudulent and illegal activities
  • Making transactions in cash in order to avoid paying taxes

If a person intentionally lies in order to deceive the Internal Revenue Service, then this can also be classified as fraud.

Tax Evasion in Chester County

Taxes are a bill. However, if you don’t pay your taxes, then you will face more serious consequences than you would if you were to avoid paying your other bills. Tax evasion is a crime.

People who are found guilty of tax evasion may be charged fines. They may also have to serve up to five years in prison. However, the sentence may be even longer for people who have multiple tax evasion charges.

It is also important to note that there is no statute of limitations. This means that you can be convicted of tax evasion at any time. It does not matter whether the tax evasion occurred 5 years ago or 25 years ago.

Why it is Important to Contact a Tax Evasion Lawyer

Because you can face serious penalties if you are convicted of tax evasion, it is best for you to contact an attorney. You do not want to have to deal with the Internal Revenue Service on their own. Tax evasion lawyers will work hard to ensure that your case has the best outcome possible.

Possible Defenses

Even though tax evasion is a crime, there are defenses that can be used. The following defenses may help you avoid the penalties for tax evasion.

  • Insufficient Sufficient-The prosecution has to be able to prove that you intentionally avoided paying your taxes. For example, you did not file your taxes because you forgot about the deadline. You may be able to get a tax evasion charge dismissed. You may also be able to get a charge dismissed if you can prove that the Internal Revenue Service made a mistake while calculating your taxes.
  • Entrapment- This is when the government makes a person commit a crime that they would not have committed without the persuasion of the government. However, just because the opportunity presented itself, does not mean that it can be classified as entrapment. If you think that you have been a victim of entrapment, then you will need to contact an attorney.
  • Mistake- If you can prove that you did not know when the taxes were due or you dd not know what you needed to report, then you can use this defense. However, simply saying that you did not know that you had to pay taxes is not a valid defense.
  • Insanity-Insanity can be a valid defense. However, it can be hard to use this in court for any crime. It has a low success rate.
  • Intentional Conduct-The government has to be able to prove that a person intentionally engaged in fraud.

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