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Chester county Social Security Fraud Lawyers

If you’ve been indicted or subjected to an investigation for social security fraud, you’ll need aggressive representation. Since social security is a federal program, you may face federal and felony criminal charges that are extreme in nature. Our social security attorneys are experienced in helping clients be cleared of any wrongdoing or reduce the penalties they may face. There are many ways that the Social Security Administration may consider actions to be fraudulent. The following are types of fraud that may initiate an investigation or charges being filed.

Types of Social Security Fraud:

Making misrepresentations to obtain benefits:

Stating false information or withholding information to obtain benefits is considered fraud under SSA guidelines. For example, if you’re applying for disability benefits and fail to disclose income that you were aware of, you may be penalized. Except for allowances or special conditions stipulated by the SSA, they may consider the undisclosed income to be a fraudulent misrepresentation.

Failure to disclose pertinent events or information:

Charges may be pursued if you fail to report changes that would affect benefits. If you’re imprisoned or begin working, these are examples of instances that must be reported to the SSA. Collecting benefits when ineligible is a common instance of fraud that the SSA regularly monitors for. These events must be reported within the stipulated timeline.

Misuse of benefits by a designated representative:

If someone that’s designated to handle social security benefits uses them in an inappropriate manner, the SSA will consider this fraudulent. For example, if you use the benefits to support another family that’s unrelated, this is an unintended and fraudulent use of benefits.

Buying or selling social security numbers, cards, or counterfeited cards:

Selling of social security numbers or any related instruments to obtain benefits are illegal. Counterfeiting a card is also illegal. This is often a catalyst to identity theft. This may, perhaps, be the most severe and heavily prosecuted event. This may also lead to multiple charges if identity theft is involved. In this event, the most aggressive representation by a highly skilled attorney is an absolute necessity.

Collecting workers’ compensation benefits in addition to SSA benefits:

Collecting additional benefits in addition to SSA benefits is prohibited in most cases, unless reported or otherwise stipulated by the SSA. Typically, the SSA will reduce benefits to account for another source of income. “Double dipping” to receive additional income without reporting is prohibited in nearly all cases.

Selling or misusing a social security number for the purpose of enabling criminal activity:

This can often be attributed to selling a social security number to a terrorist or terrorist group to commit criminal acts. Selling or misusing benefits to aide in criminal activity can lead to multiple and very serious criminal charges. Aggressive representation in this scenario is very strongly advisable.

Crimes that involve SSA employees including outside and potential contractors:

Bribing an SSA employee to be awarded a contract, to obtain benefits, or for any other reason is illegal. This can lead to very serious criminal charges for all parties involved. Any criminal activities committed by an SSA employee that violate ethical, conduct, or other violations are subject to investigation and criminal penalties.

More information on SSA policies:

The SSA handles waste, fraud, and abuse through its Office of the Inspector General. They provide clear guidelines and information regarding these topics on their website. Click here for more information from the SSA regarding these topics.

Get in touch with us now for your case evaluation:

Our Chester County social security fraud attorneys can evaluate your case and determine the best course of action. We’ll formulate a solid defense on your behalf and work hard to either eliminate or reduce the impact. Since these are highly time sensitive issues, contact us at once. We’ll be happy to review your case and provide you with the same great representation we’ve helped so many others with. Get in touch with us online or by telephone, today.

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