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Chester County Sexual Assault Lawyers

Statutory sex assault attracts harsh penalties in Chester County and Pennsylvania at large. The damage to the person based on community condemnation is severe. There is so much at stake with sexual assault cases. A conviction could mean the end of your job or even a marriage. If you have been charged with sexual assault, then you need an expert lawyer to build a defense.

Forms of Sexual Assaults

The first thing that pops into the minds of many when the words sex crimes are mentioned is rape. However, other acts still constitute as sex crimes and listed in the Pennsylvania Criminal Code. These include skinny dipping in a public pool, texting or sending sexual images to a minor, or touching a co-worker inappropriately. If you have been accused of any of these charges, then it is best to remain silent until you speak to a lawyer. Anything you say to the arresting officer can be used against you. In most cases, you may be booked overnight in jail. If this is done, insist on speaking to your lawyer.

Sex Crime Charges Defense

Right from the onset, you must reconcile the fact that there is so much stigma attached to sexual assault suspects. This makes the defense an uphill battle. The criminal justice system places immense pressure on prosecutors to put away sex offenders. This is especially the case for child molestation or rape cases. These cases also tend to receive attention from the media. This means that the prosecutor will also be under pressure from the public to lock you away as a sex offender. The jury can even convict you based on a flimsy testimony.

As is evident, sexual offenders have so many odds stacked up against them. Your only arsenal in such cases is an experienced sexual assault defense lawyer. The primary task on the prosecutor is to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt. Your lawyer, on the other hand, will work to poke holes and highlight weaknesses in the arguments, evidence, and testimonies presented by the prosecutor. For an acquittal, the lawyer must show that there is reasonable doubt as to whether you committed these offenses.

The Need for a Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

The lawyer will first review all aspects of your case to determine the merits and demerits of the charges. Your attorney is also tasked with investigating to ascertain whether there is evidence to prove or disapprove the charges.

Upon assessing the evidence, the lawyer in your defense will work to discredit the proof made against you. There are various extenuating circumstances that the lawyer can use to paint a different perspective to present an alternative truth to the judges or jury. Experienced lawyers will also be keen to note any contradictions that are submitted by the prosecution. They will also check for inconsistencies of the testimonies given by witnesses. If there is a hidden motive to lie or discredit you, then he will be sure to catch this and highlight it to the judge.

If you have been charged with a sex assault charge you need to give the lawyer all the information relevant to the case, the attorney will be working to prove your innocence, and he should not be caught off guard by any discovery presented by the prosecution. If you give all the information, then he will anticipate the prosecutors move and respond accordingly.

Get Help From a Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

While you may be convinced of your innocence after a sexual assault charge. The judge and the public may not share the same conviction. This is why you cannot afford to trivialize even a seemingly minor charge. Sexual assaultis placed under second-degree felony, and this carries a sentence of about ten years in jail. A conviction on your record can have far-reaching and dire consequences. It is imperative that you get the best legal aid to help you navigate around this charge and hopefully get you out unscathed.

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