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Chester county Section 8 Fraud Lawyers

Chester county Section 8 Fraud Lawyers
Housing costs typically constitute the largest part of any household budget. Housing is very expensive in many parts of the country. Government officials have chosen to provide residents with help paying the cost of their housing via a special program. This kind of help can take many forms such as mortgage deductions and special, lower mortgage rates for first time home buyers as well as subsidies for housing developers.

One common form of help is via a specially designed government program for low income people called Secton 8. Section 8 is designed to cover all or part of a tenant’s housing costs. The recipient is given a voucher. In turn, the landlord agrees to accept the amount of that voucher plus a certain additional sum. Some landlords will not take Section 8 tenants. Others may agree to take such tenants only under limited circumstances. Some landlords may specialize in working closely with Section 8 holders and agree to let them rent properties.

Many Laws

Renting to market rate tenants is a fairly straightforward matter. The landlord and tenant come to an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to both parties. Renting to a Section 8 tenant, however, may be more complicated. Government officials require certain highly detailed rules and regulations to be followed at all times. The Section 8 program is a fairly large program with roughly three million recipients in any time frame. Landlords who choose to specialize in this type of rental or those who wish to allow a few tenants to rent their properties must be aware of the kind of regulations they need to follow before they begin as well as once the tenant is renting the place. Landlords must also be aware of their recourse in the event of a potential dispute between themselves and the tenants.

Tenant Obligations

People who want to participate in this program need to meet certain criteria. This includes only a certain level of income as well as agreeing to abide by the rules set forth by the landlord and the housing authority. Those who apply for this form of assistance may be asked to provide extensive documentation about their employment status, assets and any children who are living with them. An applicant may also be asked about other forms of assistance they are currently getting such as food stamps and disability payments.

In many places in the United States, housing vouchers are limited in number. Competition for a limited number of vouchers may be quite keen. Applicants may face the possibility of being put on a wait list until a slot opens up. In such cases, it is crucial to have the necessary paperwork on hand before starting the process. An applicant may be charged with Section 8 fraud if they knowingly provide false documents. This can take many forms. The applicant may not have let officials about certain forms of income they are receiving such as child support. They may misled the government about the amount of income they are earning from a job or from investment income.

All applicants must agree to provide truthful evidence of their eligibility for this program before they are granted a housing voucher. If they are later found guilty of having failed to declare certain forms of income, the housing voucher can be revoked. The holder may also face all sorts of penalties as well. Applicants may even be facing the threat of potential prison time and large financial penalties. People who helped them perpetuate this fraud by testifying falsely as to the applicant’s income can also be charged under law. All parties involved in this form of fraud can be charged with conspiracy.

Anyone who is facing these kinds of charges should seek legal help immediately. Chester Country Section 8 fraud lawyers can help provide people with the accurate legal information they need to respond to such charges.

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