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Chester county Possession Of Drugs Lawyers

A Chester County drug possession charge can seriously impact your life. If you face a charge in Chester County for possession of drugs, you risk serving time in jail, steep fines, loss of property and even loss of your driver’s license. There are also other consequences that can come from a conviction for possession of drugs like the inability to get a job or even the inability to volunteer at your child’s school. Fortunately, when you face a drug possession charge, our Chester County possession of drugs lawyers can help you respond to the charges and fight for your best interests.

Chester County lawyers for possession of drugs

When you’re facing a charge of possession of drugs, it’s important to carefully examine the charges against you. The penalties may vary based on the amount that you possess, the type of drug you’re accused of possessing and even your criminal history. For example, if you’re accused of simple possession of marijuana, you may face only up to 30 days in jail. Offenses for possession of other drugs like heroin and cocaine are much more serious. You face increasing fines and exposure to jail time as the amounts that you possess are larger. You might also face a charge of possession with intent to deliver drugs, and that offense can bring significant jail time. Even though possession of drugs charges in Chester County is a serious offense, the state has a high burden to prove the charges against you, and there are many defenses that may be viable in your case.

Chester County drug possession lawyers

Our Chester County drug possession lawyers help you explore all possibilities to attack the charges against you. The fact that you are charged with a crime doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of the crime. The police have the power to arrest you, but it’s up to the jury to decide if you’re guilty of the charges. The police have to bring the evidence and present it to the jury. It’s your right to demand a jury trial to fight the charges.

A crime has many elements. For the crime of possession of drugs, the police must show the identity of the drug, the amount that you had and they must prove that it was in your possession. They should carefully hold the drug in a safe location for the trial. You can question them on the chain of custody in order to question whether they mishandled what they took into evidence. You can challenge them on the way that they tested the drugs or confirmed the quantity of the drugs.

Another important defense to the charge of possession of drugs is the defense that you didn’t actually possess the drugs. It can be easy for the police to try to pin the drugs on the closest person, but it’s more complicated than that. The police must show that the drugs are in your possession and control. If the police don’t have the evidence against you, it’s your right to ask the jury to return a verdict of not guilty in your case.

Fighting drug possession charges in Chester County

One possibility for defending your drug possession charge is participation in a drug court program. A drug court program is a program that uses intense, supervised probation combined with treatment and intervention to help drug offenders stay out of jail and make changes in order to avoid reoffense. If you qualify to participate in recovery court, you may receive a favorable plea offer in exchange for your participation in the program. If you qualify and you choose to participate, drug court can be a good way to lessen the penalties of your charges and receive support from the court itself as you participate in this intense, probationary program. You may qualify to participate in this program in Chester County. Drug court is only one of the many possible avenues that you should explore with your Chester county possession of drugs lawyers.

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