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Chester county Intent to Distribute Lawyers

Intent to distribute is a type of drug crime. It means that you possess an illegal drug with the intent to sell or give the drug to someone else. Intent to distribute is another way to say that you tried to traffick drugs. Possessing a drug with the intent to distribute it is a serious offense in Chester County. If you’re facing a charge of intent to distribute, our Chester County intent to distribute lawyers can help you fight the charges.

Working with Chester County intent to distribute lawyers

Although you face the charges in Chester County, all intent to distribute charges are the same throughout Pennsylvania. Even though the elements of the crime might be the same, an experienced lawyer who knows the Chester County court system can help you understand local court procedures and what to expect at your hearings. There may be variations in how certain court appearances are scheduled and how judges rule on certain types of issues that are important. Working with an experienced, local attorney can help you capitalize on these nuances as your prepare your defense.

Defending against the charges of intent to distribute means so much more than simply appearing for your trial. Our Chester County intent to distribute lawyers know that preparing your defense begins from the moment that you’re arrested. Securing a favorable amount of bond with fair bond conditions can ensure that you can stay out of jail and remain able to work and care for your family while you await future proceedings. When we represent you, we set to work quickly to speak with witnesses, review the state’s evidence and challenge areas where the police may have made errors.

Defending against intent to distribute charges in Chester County

The police have to prove that you intended to sell the drugs. In order to prove their case, it’s not enough just to show that you possess a drug. Instead, they must show your motivation to sell the drugs. Their case may be circumstantial. Often, the police want to make an arrest so badly that they don’t thoroughly investigate the entire case by speaking to witnesses, properly weighing the substance or even testing them to determine if they are type of drugs you’re accused of having. The police make errors every day because of carelessness, recklessness and even intentional misconduct.

Intent to distribute drugs in Chester County

Regardless of where you live, you face charges in the location where the offense is alleged to have occurred. Even though intent to distribute means that you had drugs that you intended to sell, the exact possible penalties that you face depends on the type of drugs. A charge of selling marijuana may be less severe than a charge of selling heroin or methamphetamine, for example. However, all intent to distribute charges are serious.

You face significant time in jail or prison. In addition, you face significant financial penalties. You may owe fines to the court. The police may also try to ask you to forfeit property that they think you used to sell drugs. That may include your home, vehicles or other items of personal property. You have a right to contest the forfeiture of assets. It’s important to move quickly in order to assert your rights and fight the seizure of assets.

Fighting intent to deliver drugs charges in Chester County

When you’re facing charges of possession of drugs with intent to deliver in Chester County, you have the right to fight the charges against you. Our lawyers for Chester County intent to deliver charges can help. The defenses that you may use include fighting the fact that you were in possession of the drugs, fighting that you intentionally possessed the drugs, questioning the fact that you knowingly possessed the drugs and constitutional challenges to the state’s gathering of evidence. It’s important not to assume that you don’t have a strong defense. Contact our Chester County lawyers for drug delivery today in order to begin fighting your charges.

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