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Chester county Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Find the Right Attorney to Fight Your Insurance Fraud Charge
Insurance fraud is a serious crime that can result in a felony or a misdemeanor conviction. With a conviction, you may be facing severe fines, prison time, and a criminal record. There are many ways to be charged with insurance fraud. If you have filled a fraudulent or a false claim with an insurance company for compensation, you may have committed insurance fraud. Insurance fraud charges are serious issues. You will need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney with a successful history of defending these charges. A defense lawyer will protect your rights before and during a trial.

What is the Punishment for Insurance Fraud?
Insurance fraud is classified by the value of the property received from an insurance company. For example, if you have defrauded an insurance company of $300 or less, you may be charged with a misdemeanor. These crimes usually carry a fine and limited amount of time in jail. If you received property under a certain dollar amount, you may only be charged with a lesser felony. Any amounts over $25,000 will receive the maximum prison time and fines under the law. There are always migrating factors in each case that will determine if you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor.

With any type of felony or misdemeanor conviction, it will remain on the defendant’s permanent criminal record. This can cause problems for the defendant down the road. The record will be visible to schools, apartment management companies, and employers. This conviction will severely limit your choices for jobs, housing, and other of life’s necessities. It is important to find the right lawyer that can help you avoid a conviction for insurance fraud.

What Are Some Types of Insurance Fraud?
Insurance fraud can happen in many different industries. Some of the most common insurance fraud cases include:

• Medical insurance fraud
• Life insurance fraud
• Automobile insurance fraud
• Property insurance fraud
• Workers’ compensation fraud
• Fire insurance fraud

Insurance fraud happens when someone files a false claim or files a claim on false information. For example, automobile insurance occurs when a person exaggerates the damage or injuries to receive more compensation. Property insurance fraud can happen when a homeowner sets fire to their house and makes a claim for benefits.

How Do You Defend Insurance Fraud Charges?
You need a skilled lawyer to defend against the claim of insurance fraud. Many lawyers use different defenses against the claims. Your defense may be different depending on the circumstances of the charges. Some of the most common defenses include:

An absence of intent: If your intent was not to defraud, you can use that as a defense. Insurance fraud needs an element of knowledge. You must willingly and knowingly receive insurance money through a fraudulent claim. An incorrect number on your insurance form claim is not fraud. Your attorney will be able to help you with this defense.

Insufficient evidence: All criminal trials have a burden of proof on the prosecutor. If they do not have enough evidence in your case, you may use this as a defense. Your attorney will call attention to their lack of evidence and may even have the case dismissed before trial.

Lack of a fraudulent claim: A false statement is not automatically considered insurance fraud. Any opinion of the defendant is also not a basis for an insurance fraud case. If the claim is not a fraudulent assertion, a fraud case cannot be pursued by the prosecutor.

You need to have an experienced insurance fraud attorney on your side. Your lawyer will review the circumstances and facts of the case. You can both build a strong defense before you enter the courtroom. In some cases, you may even face a lesser charge with minimal fines or jail time. You need to seek the legal advice of an attorney immediately. Once you have been charged, you can build an effective defense to fight for an acquittal.

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