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Chester county Immigration Fraud Lawyers

Millions of people have entered the United States since the country was founded more than two hundred years ago. Since that time, people have found a life and a home here. Just as it was true for so many years, today immigrants still seek their fortunes in this country. Those who wish to make their homes here may do so many ways. One way that people have chosen to come to the United States is because they find a marriage partner. Love knows no borders or boundaries. Love is about two people finding the right person and wishing to have a life together. At the same time, those who want to come to the United States in order to join in life with a partner must be aware of the kind of rules that cover their decision to immigrate here. They must submit all necessary paperwork and be prepared to follow all American immigration laws.

The Process

The process of becoming an American citizen varied for married couples. If one partner is a legal American citizen, they can submit for the other person to come to the United States. This process can apply not only the spouse. It may also apply to any children of the spouse from a prior marriage.

In general, the spouse will have to file certain forms of paperwork, pay a fee and provide evidence that the marriage is a legal one that both parties entered into legally. The parties will also have to agree to follow certain additional procedures in order to get the right to move to the United States and stay here as a legal citizen. Such steps can be complicated and confusing. People need to make sure they follow all necessary procedures and play close attention to the process of investigation that may accompany such a marriage. Adhering to all such regulations will make the process go much more smoothly.

If Problems Develop

In many instances, getting the foreign spouse to the United States is relatively simple one. However, roadblocks may develop along the way. All parties should keep in mind that each marriage petition is subject to conditional approval by American immigration officials. Officials are ever on the alert for potential marriage fraud cases.

Marriage fraud is when the marriage is entered into for something other than getting married and establishing a long term relationship. An American with parents who live abroad may be pressured to agree to marry a cousin so the cousin can move to the United States. Sometimes money may change hands. A woman might agree to get married to someone she doesn’t know or love in order to earn money from her spouse or their parents. These forms of marriages may not be considered eligible for legal admission to the United States. One party may be denied entry. If this happens on American soil, the person who is only here under the terms of such a marriage may be facing the very real possibility of deportation.

Taking Evidence

If there is any evidence of fraud, officials at immigration are empowered to examine all sorts of documents in detail. For example, they can look at bank records dating back may months and even years to see there was an unexpected payment before thy got married. They can also see if the parties have agreed to share their fiscal expenses or if one party retains most of the income. Officials can also check out specific such as if the couple has agreed to buy a house by taking out a joint mortgage or a joint rental. All of these documents will ultimately weigh heavily on the choices that immigration officials when determining if the couple has any issues. Many people find it vitally important to consult directly with Chester County immigration fraud lawyers for additional legal counsel when bringing in a spouse from overseas.

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