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Chester County Possession of Cocaine Lawyers

Having the right Chester County DUI lawyers representing you can mean the difference between jail time, fines, suspension of your driver’s license and receiving the good word that your case is dismissed. Even if it seems like you have no viable defenses, an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer has training in the law in order to recognize constitutional defenses and problems with the state’s evidence. The experience and determination of your DUI lawyers in Chester County can help you find viable defenses and defend yourself against the charges.

How experienced Chester County DUI lawyers can help

The sooner you begin working on your case with an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer, the more evidencethat you can gather for your defense. There may be dash cameras or body cameras that tell a different story than the officer wrote in the police report. Even a well-intentioned officer may make critical errors in their reporting. Errors can stem from poor training, a lack of sleep, a lack of attention because of prior events during the officer’s shift or unfortunately, because of an officer’s lack of honesty. An experienced attorney for drunk driving offenses in Chester County has the training necessary to spot the issues and prepare your defense.

A DUI charge in Chester County can be based on unlawful bodily alcohol content or based on the use of drugs. In Chester County, the potential punishment for your offense depends on your bodily alcohol content or your prior record of drunk driving offenses. The penalties get progressively more serious if you have prior offenses or if you have a higher bodily alcohol content than the minimum for drunk driving. In addition, an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer can guide you through updates in the law that might impact the possible penalties in your case.

What is DUI in Chester County?

The legal limit in Chester County and all of Pennsylvania is a .08. It’s a misdemeanor to drive while you have a measurable alcohol level of .08 or more. As the driver’s bodily alcohol content increases, the potential penalties increase. Probation and a fine are possible consequences in all Pennslyvania DUI cases. Alcohol education courses can be a part of the sentence. You may also receive a lengthy suspension of your driver’s license.

You can defend against all of the possible consequences of a DUI charge by fully defending against the charges against you. There is no sentencing and no penalty if you’re found not guilty. It’s important to consider all of the possible consequences as you prepare your defense.

There are a number of ways that you can approach your defense. You have a right to a jury trial, and your Chester County DUI lawyers can help you exercise that right. You can also prepare reasons that you might deserve a favorable plea resolution in your case. You might show the state’s attorney where the legal case against you is weak. You might show them that you’re unlikely to reoffend and that you’re taking steps to address any substance abuse issues. You might also raise constitutional issues that call the admissibility of evidence into question.

Working with our Chester County DUI lawyers

Our experienced Chester County DUI lawyers can help you each step of the way. You can rely on our expert guidance to help you build the evidence in your case and choose the best possible path for your defense. Facing DUI charges can be stressful. You can rely on the experience and training of our lawyers to help you respond in an appropriate way. You may be surprised to learn that the right legal representation can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Speaking with an experienced DUI lawyer in Chester County can help you begin today to attack your case from all angles and fight your DUI charges.

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