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Chester County Drug Trafficking Lawyers

Drug trafficking is a serious crime. People accused of this infraction face a wide variety of consequences, including prison time. If you or someone you love in Chester County have been accused of this crime, it is time to call an experienced criminal law attorney.

What Constitutes Drug Trafficking in Pennsylvania

Drug trafficking is always a serious crime. In Pennsylvania, it is a felony that carries huge legal consequences, even for a first-time offense. Our state defines this crime as possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, deliver, or sell it.

Controlled substances include street drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. In addition, they include drugs that are only lawfully obtained with a prescription, such as narcotics and steroids.

It can be difficult to prove intent to distribute a drug. People may be charged with this if they had more of the substance than a person would typically use or if the substance was individually packaged.

This is generally a state crime. However, it may become a federal offense if you carried the substance across state lines or attempted to do so. Federal crimes often are subject to minimum sentencing laws.

If you have been accused of this crime, our criminal defense lawyers can help. We understand that even good people can find themselves in bad legal situations. We are here to help you build a compelling defense and get the best possible outcome.

Punishment for Drug Trafficking

The punishment for drug trafficking is often severe. While courts can be persuaded to be lenient with a person who is addicted to a substance, selling them is taken very seriously.

Drug trafficking is generally a felony in Pennsylvania. The amount of prison time and other consequences will depend on the exact situation. Does the defendant have prior convictions? What kind of drugs were found and in what quantity?

In most cases, people convicted of this crime face seven to twenty years in prison. However, life sentences are not unheard of. In addition, there may be fines and extended periods of time on probation.

In addition, you may face other charges such as drug possession. Prosecutors often will charge a person with multiple crimes for the same incident. These can add up to a sizeable sentence.

Once people convicted of this crime have served their time, the punishment does not necessarily end. A drug conviction on your record can make it difficult to find a job or to get certain professional licenses. Drug convictions also can affect your ability to get housing, to receive public benefits, and even to qualify for financial assistance for college.

These are very serious charges that can impact the rest of your life. However, you do not have to face them alone. Our Chester County drug trafficking lawyers will stand with you and help you to get the fair chance you deserve.

Your Fight for Your Freedom

There are several ways that we have successfully defended clients from these charges. We can argue that you had no intention of distributing the controlled substance. You may not have known that the substance was a drug. In addition, there are times when the police have violated a defendant’s rights in various ways, such as entrapment or unlawful searches. The evidence gained in this manner should not be admissible in courts.

We will look at your case and develop a defense that will give you the best chance of freedom. If it is in your best interest, we can help you to craft a plea deal that has the least consequences. We are here to help you get through this difficult time with as little damage as possible.

If you have been accused of drug trafficking, contact our office today. We offer free consultations so there is no risk. It is never too early or too late to get the high-quality legal representation that you need.

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