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Bucks County Section 8 Fraud Lawyers

During the Great Depression, government officials took steps to revive the economy and offer people the direct help they needed to meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Today, many of these programs still exist. One especially popular government program is known as Section 8. This program is designed to provide people with access to affordable housing. Today, section 8 housing serves millions of American families. It has allowed millions of people to attain the shelter they need in order to avoid homelessness. The program is not only helpful for tenants. It’s also highly beneficial to landlords everywhere. Landlords can use the program to count on a steady income that adheres to the local housing market standards and allows them rent that will be paid in full each month.

In some states, landlords can choose to participate in this program of their own volition. Other states such as Massachusetts mandate that the landlord accept all tenants with housing vouchers. Those who choose to be part of this program should be aware there they must meet certain obligations to their tenants. It is crucial to understand what is required of the landlord before they decide this is a good option for their rental properties. Each landlord should also understand that participation requires everyone to adhere to certain highly specific laws and regulations. Unlike other some forms of renting that require merely paying the rent, people who use this form of housing help must meet certain obligations.

Failure to do so under law is considered a form of fraud. It can lead to revocation of the voucher as well as possible criminal prosecution.

Responsibilities Under Law

By law, landlords who choose to rent to participants or those who must serve this population must be aware of the laws that govern the program and all who participate in it. Laws require people to accept the possibility of renting to people using this program. They do not require landlords to agree to rent to every single tenant. They also do not mitigate a tenant’s responsibilities to adhere to the landlord’s requirements in order to properly maintain the property. Many tenants who use this form of help are great tenants who help the landlord meet their obligations under law and keep the property in good running order. However, in certain instances, problems with tenants using Section 8 housing can arise.

All applicants for this program are required to undergo a background check. This is designed to see if the applicant meets certain income requirements. Certain felony convictions can make any applicant ineligible for this form of housing assistance. For example, if someone is on the sex offender registry, they are barred from the housing assistance program. The same is true if they have sold drugs. These convictions may be overlooked if the person has undergone rehabilitation and if the offense happened a long time ago.

Applicants can be debarred from the program if they or someone they live with has a documented history of drug or alcohol abuse. An applicant may also be turned down if the person has a history of being unable to get along with their neighbors. For example, if the person in question has criminal convictions of disturbing the peace or has physically assaulted someone else, they can removed from the program or not be allowed access to a voucher even if they are married to a participant.

Landlords who find out that a tenant has such a background can report these facts to law enforcement officials. They can also hire Bucks Country Section 8 fraud lawyers to help remove the tenant from their housing units. If the tenant is unsuited to the program or is not paying their required share of the rent, the landlord has certain rights. Landlords can report the tenant to the Housing Authority and ask them to be removed from the program.

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