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Bucks County Rape Lawyers

Facing a criminal charge is always difficult. Facing a rape charge, however, is the battle of your life. Even allegations can destroy your life, leaving you without a job or the support of loved ones. At this difficult time, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

The Consequences of Rape Convictions in Bucks County

Pennsylvania is a particularly tough state in which to fight a rape charge. People who are accused of this felony can be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison and fined up to $25,000. People convicted of rape also are often forced to pay restitution to the victim of up to $100,000.

After serving their time, men convicted of rape often have to register as a violent sex offender for the rest of their lives. You may be unable to see your children or attend family events with little ones in attendance. No matter where you move, your neighbors and future employers will find out.

If you have been accused of rape, there is a lot at stake. You can lose your relationships, your career, your freedom, and your ability to earn income. You are at high risk of being assaulted yourself, especially if you are sent to prison, so even your physical health is at risk.

Fighting for Your Life and Your Reputation

If you have been charged or believe you may be charged with this crime, the time to take action is now. You need the most aggressive criminal defense lawyer you can find. You need someone who will give you the benefit of the doubt and fight for your rights.

There are several ways to defend yourself against a rape charge. Your lawyer may be able to track down an alibi or physical evidence that excludes you. They may be able to argue mistaken identity, or that proper procedures were not followed in the investigation. Even if you had relations with the accuser, your attorney may be able to help you develop reasonable doubt as to whether there was consent.

The sooner you take action, the sooner your lawyer can begin building your defense. Call for a consultation today to start planning for your freedom and future.

Bucks County Rape Lawyers: On Your Side

Many people accused of rape feel ashamed. It is a very serious charge. Even just the social consequences can destroy lives.

Many modern people will automatically believe that any sexual allegation is true. Many of our clients have had their lives negatively affected or even destroyed before they call us. We understand what you are going through and are ready to help.

We believe that every person is innocent until proven guilty. We have represented people just like you and helped them to prove their innocence. Our firm treats all clients with the empathy and respect that they deserve. We will support you through this difficult time and stand with you in your battle against these accusations.

How We Can Help

Pennsylvania police often question the accused in ways that are not ethical. You do not have to answer their questions. We are happy to face the police along with you to ensure that you do not say anything they can twist.

We also can help you to understand your options. Many district attorneys will pressure you for a plea bargain. They often misrepresent how this will impact the rest of your life. Our experienced Bucks County rape lawyers will ensure that you are not deceived.

No one should face these charges alone. Your freedom and your future are worth defending. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation.

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