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Bucks County Possession of Steroids Lawyers

Bucks County Possession of Steroids Lawyers
Laws across the nation make it illegal for anyone to possess any type of anabolic steroids, which means you could face time in jail and fines if you are arrested and convicted of this type of possession. It’s considered an illegal substance, though many argue it should not be an illegal substance since it is not the same thing as a drug. However, this type of steroid is legally defined as any type of steroid that’s “a drug or hormonal substance” that’s related to testosterone in a chemical or pharmacologic manner. If you’re caught with this type of steroid in your possession, you could face time in jail and expensive fines.

Unfortunately, this type of substance is everywhere, and it’s commonly used by athletes, trainers, and fitness gurus. The purpose of this drug is to help make people more powerful, stronger, and better at their sport. This does not make it legal, however, and being caught with this drug on your person does not result in a slap on the wrist and a warning. It’s an automatic arrest, and it could mean a lot more than you realize.

Possession Penalties

If you have steroids in your car, your home, or on your body, you can be arrested and charged with possession. The law becomes a little trickier when you are in the car with someone else, and the drugs might be their drugs. You do have some defense methods on your side when it comes to this kind of arrest, but you should know what happens when you are arrested for this crime.

The first time you are arrested and charged with possession of steroids, you face up to a month in jail. You may also be required to pay a fine as much as $1,500. Sometimes, you might be asked to do both. if you are convicted of the same crime a second time, the penalties are worse. You will spend as many as six months in jail and/or pay a fine of up to $1,500. However, the second offense must occur within two years of the first offense for these penalties to be issued.


Possession of steroids is not just limited to having it on your person. If you are arrested with a large amount of this drug on you, you could be charged with the intent to distribute or sell the item to others. If you’re caught providing it to a minor, the penalties are much worse than if you are caught distributing the drug to an adult.

If you are arrested and charged with possession of steroids, you will face a criminal record. While a criminal record for possession of a controlled substance is preferable to a criminal record that involves weapons or death or a sexual assault, you will find it’s not as easy to get a job when you are out of jail. People are not as willing to hire convicted criminals, and this is also true of housing situations. If you rent, you might find that no one is willing to rent to you because of your criminal record.

Even if you are found not guilty at your trial, it might still show up on your record. This is why you must hire an attorney to fight for you when you are arrested and charged with this crime. It is not enough to simply be listed as not guilty. You need every ounce of support to help you get your charges dropped so that nothing shows up on your criminal record.

Your future depends on the decision you make right now. If you choose to hire an attorney and fight for your rights, you stand a better chance of getting to live a normal life. If you choose not to take advantage of this offer, you might find that your life is more difficult in the future.

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