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Bucks County Immigration Fraud Lawyers

Immigration is a serious matter. In order to move to another country, people need to be prepared. Thousands of people enter the United States legally each year. Many others would like to join them. Many categories are people are eligible to enter the United States. For example, people who have certain¬†skills¬†may be eligible for an employment visa and eventual citizenship. Others may also be eligible for admission to the United States based on certain criteria. Those who are planning to come to the United States or are already here and would like to stay will need to make sure they do so in accordance with all necessary American immigration laws. It’s best to know which category may apply in your specific case before you begin. It’s also crucial to understand that violation of such laws may make you eligible for deportation and ineligible for admission afterwards.

Categories of People

Some people may attain American citizenship because a parent gives birth to them on American soil even though that parent is not legally authorized to be in the United States. In that case, they might wish to investigate if they can legally sponsor a parent to remain in the United States. They may also be eligible to sponsor another person in their family for admission to the United States. It’s important to keep in mind that there’s often a list based on the person’s nationality. An attempt to bring the parent in may result in charges of fraud and lead to the person’s deportation from the country.

People can also be eligible for a green card if they are facing certain forms of persecution at home. However, this category may only be applied very narrowly and may not apply to all people in a given region. The same is true of employment. An employer may be willing to sponsor the given person for a job in the United States because they are unable to find someone else to fill the position.

If someone marries a person who has citizenship in another country, this may also quality that person for admission to the United States, they can bring their spouse to the United States. Keep in mind that such a marriage may be carefully scrutinized by American immigration officials in order to determine if it is a valid marriage. If it found to be otherwise, the other person may be denied American residency and citizenship.

Immigration Fraud

Those who want to navigate the complicated field of immigration law may also encounter issues as they look for help along the way. Someone may have misrepresented the requirements for admission, made promises about being able to help the applicant or offered to provide sponsorship they were unable to provide. In that case, officials from the American government can choose to investigate such claims. They want to make sure that no one is giving out false information about American immigration laws.

Someone who has been admitted to the United States but has engaged in prohibited behaviors can also be at risk of accusations of immigration fraud. For example, they may have used benefit programs they were not eligible to use at that time. A person may also have violated other American laws such as opening up a business without authorization and failing to file the right paperwork for those hired. People may be accused of filing false claims of asylum for themselves or on behalf of a loved one.

In all such cases, keep in mind that the American legal immigration system has a great deal of power. Authorities can choose to pursue individual cases of fraud or they decide to dismiss the case. Those who have not learned fluent English yet may find it hard to understand what’s going on. Hiring Bucks Country immigration fraud lawyers can provide the skilled legal assistance that people need under such circumstances.

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